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Oct 9, 2006

Have a fantasy?

Actually, I am referring to a FANTASY BOX. These things are absolutely AMAZING. I LOVE making them. It is quite time consuming, but when they are done, WOW! There is something SO amazing about taking some mat board, patterned paper, card stock, embellishments and coming out with something so CUTE! I was intent on making this project, but couldn't find the directions. My dear friend Dorinda helped me find them on SCS and the rest is history. This is the 3rd box I have made. You can use more stamping and less patterned paper if desired. I have found I prefer the punch of patterned paper with a little accent stamping. I made card stock lids for each box and labeled them: RIBBON (of course), METAL, FLOWERS and PUNCHES. I then stuffed them full of each item. I am sending this to someone special and thankfully, I don't think she knows I blog. HEE HEE So, _______ I hope you like it. :)
For instructions on how to make a Fantasy Box, look here:

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  1. You are getting to be an expert with these 3D projects,this is fabulous


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