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Oct 6, 2006

MORE ribbon...

I think I am obsessed... CORRECTION... I know I am obsessed. Ribbon just really calls my name. I can't get just ONE spool either. I need several so I'll use it. Where is the rationale I ask? I was in my stamp room today looking for a specific ribbon to use on a Halloween project. Where could it be? I looked in my main 4 drawer ribbon cart, but it wasn't in there... so I had to look in MORE places. I started scolding myself saying, "JODY, this is TOO MUCH RIBBON." I had to chuckle at that though because REALLY you can never have too much ribbon right? *worried look* I think I am close. Here is MORE of my ribbon collection. As it started overflowing my cart I had to find more and more drawers in my stamp room. Then, the top of one of my color caddies got invaded... seriously enough is enough... well... maybe after I get my next ribbon order in. Some fellow ribbon addicts and I went in together to place a very large ribbon order. Sometime in the very near future UPS will be delivering 9000 yards of grosgrain to my front door. YES, I am dead serious. There are 90 spools of 100 yds each coming my way. Each ribbon share participant will get 10 yards of 45 different colors and we only paid $35 each plus shipping back. WOW. Can you say WOOHOO for the ribbon? LOL I'll be sure to post a picture of that! It's sure to be a shocker even for me. LOL I need to start using up what I have. Hmmmm, what can I make that uses lots of ribbon? That needs to be my next project. LOL Any fun uses for ribbon? POST your suggestion here and I will choose 1 lucky winner to get a prize from me. I wonder if you can guess what it will be?


  1. YOu are our ribbon goddess, we take our lead from you, lol!
    There is no such thing as too much ribbon honey and after drooling over your cards, you definitely put the ribbon to good use.

  2. Well you could make a halloween costume for yourself or one of the kids! You have lots to use so I am sure you can make something very creative!

    And you know you will be in heaven when that order comes is!!!!


  3. I am completely impressed as usual.Thats a heck of a lot of ribbon. I wish I could be there to see what 9000 yrds of grograin looks like. bahahaha.They may need a fork lift to get it in the house.

    As for an idea for using lots of ribbon.....the thing that uses my ribbon the most is making lunchbox tins and tieing it on the handles. I tend to load up the handles to make them look pretty. Paint can handles too.

  4. Jody! You are completely too obsessed, and have WAY too much, so, the simple solution is to send it all to ME! Yep, that is the perfect way to use up some of that fabulous ribbon *smiles*

  5. Next Card or scrapbook page you do.....use some ribbon to wrap a chipboard monogram title or just the start of a title.

  6. *is speachless*


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