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Dec 5, 2006

The ribbon is HERE!

The box looked like it had been kicked out of the truck on the freeway AND was a bit of a tangled mess, but it is HERE.

I will need to now cut it into 10 yard sections, bundle it, sort it and mail your packages. This is a time consuming project. For the last ribbon share I cut 9,000 yards and it took a total of 40 man hours. I had a friend helping me (THANK YOU TRACY) and it took us EACH 20 hours. This time, there is 12,000 yards, so I am expecting it to take me about 25-27 hours. I am hoping to have it done by this coming Monday at the latest. I will keep you updated here on my blog. Thanks again to everyone who joined. The ribbon is GORGEOUS! :)
P.S. Thanks to Lois Michael who sent me an extra $5 to buy energy drinks for ribbon cutting. That should help! LOL :) Also, thanks to everyone who sent me beautiful cards with their ribbon payments. :)
Have a great day. If you need me, I am here... tangled in ribbon. LOL


  1. Jody, let me say how much I appreciate you doing all of this. Thanks a million!!

  2. wooohoooo! i am so excited! good luck cutting it all! wish i could help!!

  3. JODY, dont forget call me and i will run and help... available everyday but thursday...


  4. Jody, I got your RAK today!! Thank you so much... it was a bright spot in my otherwise crapola of a day. I squealed with delight when I opened your envy to find I'd been cuttlbugged!! This is the first time I've seen any cuttle bug stuff in person, so it's very exciting!

    Thanks too, of course, for the scallop punchies! I will put them to good use for sure.


  5. Yay! Glad to see the ribbon is all okay! I'm sure that box has seen better days though...

  6. wish i could have joined :-((((

    well, hope next time i can do it financially.

    you guy do have a lot of work ahead of you!!!

  7. WOW! look at all that ribbon! next time i want in on all that ribbon! :)

  8. Thanks for doing this for us Jody!

  9. Jody - where do you get your ribbon? I would be interested in doing this for all of my Canadian SCS stamping friends if the price is right!! Thanks!


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