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Jan 25, 2007

January ribbon is DONE!

Today UPS visited my house. :) He delivered the rest of the January share grosgrain ribbon! YAY! I got right to cutting and I am DONE! The 13 participants in the January share that did not add the striped ribbon will have their ribbon soon. I am going to *try* to get to the post office tomorrow, but I will be car-less. If I can sweet talk my Mom into taking me it will be shipped tomorrow. Otherwise, I will ship it Friday morning.
The bulk of the striped ribbon was delivered as well. I have already cut one color and you can see it in some of the boxes above. My wonderful children were helping me, so if your hunter striped ribbon is wrapped a little funny you'll know it was because my 9 year old daughter INSISTED on helping me. LOL She is Mommy's little helper and "No" just really isn't an option. :) I have all but 8 spools (6 yellow and 2 red) of the striped ribbon delivered so far. The remainder was shipped on Monday so I am not expecting it to take too much longer to reach me. Then, the wait will be over and I can ship the remainder of the ribbon share boxes. :)
After I have shipped them I will let my hands rest until it is time for Prima sorting! LOL
I have closed one of the four options for the Prima share. You can read the details in the original Prima post which has been reflected to show the changes.
I am off to cut more ribbon and watch American Idol. Have a great night and Happy Ribbon Delivery Day! :)

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