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Jan 11, 2007

NEW JANUARY ribbon share details:

  • Here we go again. My ribbon share in December filled up so quickly that many of you missed out on the share. Due to popular demand and LOTS of PMs I am doing it again!
  • For the sake of organization I am naming this share the JANUARY SHARE. When reading updates on my blog make sure that I am referring to the share you have joined. The last share is the DECEMBER share.
  • Ribbon share Details:
  • 1/4 inch grosgrain ribbon (NOT SU most colors will match SU colors. SOME ARE repeats of past shares.)
  • 30 different colors
  • 10 yards of each color
  • 300 yards total
  • $47 per participant (including shipping back to you and $2 to cover my paypal fees) OR $45 if paying by check or money order.
  • I cut the ribbon, bundle it by color and ship it to you in a priority box (international shipments are sent airmail usually). Time to ship to you depends on shipping from the manufacturer, but should be around a month or less from the time I receive all payments. Cutting and bundling takes a tremendous amount of time, but I do my best to get it done quickly. *Canadians add $3 to total for a total of $50. All other countries add $8 for a total of $55. IF shipping is much more than I charged for international participants (non Canadian), I will ask that you paypal me the difference. If it is a small difference, I will cover it. You may sign up for more than one spot if you would like to. Just double the price when sending payment.
  • IF you sign up for more than 1 spot, your ribbon will still be cut into 10 yard sections, but you will get 10 yards of each color per spot.
  • I will keep the sign ups for this share open until January 18th. This will allow a week for you to get payment to me if mailing. If you would like to pay via paypal, my paypal address is: . If you would like to snail mail payment, please e-mail or PM me so I can give you my address and hold your spot. EVEN if you know my address, make sure you let me know you are signing up. Otherwise, I may not have a spot for you. If you would like to participate, please send payment and add the following info in the “notes” section while sending paypal (or mailing):name, SCS name (if applicable)mailing address. I will be ordering the ribbon on January 19th! If you would like to sign up, just send your payment and all the info requested. No need to PM or e-mail me (unless you are snail mailing payment), but you can if you have a question. I am trying to be as efficient as possible. LOL. DO NOT SEND PAYMENT AFTER THE DEADLINE WITHOUT MY APPROVAL.
  • I will be compiling all the info in the mid-morning on Jan 19th. I will acknowledge that you have paid, but it may take me a few days to get to that.
  • Paypal is very easy to use. Just go to and follow the instructions to send payment. They can take it directly out of your bank account or from a credit card.
  • I will keep my blog updated as always to share the progress of the order with you.
  • My blog:
  • See some ribbon from my 1st and 2nd ribbon share here:http://scrappilyeverafter.blogspot.c...bon-ba-by.html

WHEW! I think that covers it! As I mentioned, please PM or e-mail if you have any questions that are not answered in this message. Have a wonderful day and sweet dreams of all that RIBBON! e-mail:

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