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Jan 18, 2007

Ribbon updates!

WOW! My helpers and I have finished cutting and bundling the first shipment of ribbon for the December ribbon share. :) This group of boxes has 13,000 yards of ribbon in them! WOWOWOWOWOW! I am now waiting on the last 6 colors (including Pixie Pink). After I receive that shipment and get it cut, I will ready to ship out the Dec share packages that did NOT add the striped ribbon.

The Jan share ribbon shipped the day after I ordered it. I believe it is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow *crossing fingers*. I will then get started on that ribbon, but will also be holding those that added on the striped ribbon.
The striped ribbon has not shipped yet, but I expect it to by the end of the week. I received e-mail notification that it was back ordered, but that back orders ship usually within 2-4 days.
One note about the striped ribbon share: when I ordered it, the 3/8 inch black & white and red & white were out of stock and I was not able to order those. Instead, I upgraded to the 5/8 inch ribbon in the same pattern and colors. This was an extra cost for me. Each spool was $2.84 more and I had to order a total of 12 upgraded ribbon spools. This was a total cost of $34.10 for me. I just wanted to let you know WHY 2 will be a different width and that I did not gain by making that choice. :) I promised 16 colors and 16 colors you will get! LOL
Have a wonderful day and enjoy the pictures of all the ribbon! :)


  1. Jody
    Email me your address and I will send in an extra $1 If everyone did that, you could easily make up the difference! Heck woman, you are already spending hours cutting this stuff! Let us help!

  2. My eyes are popping out of my head looking at all that ribbon!!!

  3. Holy Cow, Jody!! Thanks for all the hard work with the ribbon...cant wait to get all that ribbony-yumminess in my hot little hands!!! :0)

  4. Goodness, I just want to roll in it all, better yet let my DD and DS roll in it and take a lot of pics! hehehe Hope your hands recover! Thanks a bunch!


  5. WOW! look at all those boxes and ribbon! can't wait Jody - thanks so much for doing this for us Ribbonholics!!! :)

  6. How cool to look at those pictures and know that one of those boxes is mine! Hooray!
    Jody - thanks SO much for all your hard work!!


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