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Jan 29, 2007

Today is THE day!

Hi everyone! :) As you know I have been waiting for the last of the striped ribbon to arrive. Unfortunately I received a phone call this morning from the company letting me know that 1 color of the striped ribbon is on back order from the manufacturer and will be 6-8 weeks before they will get it in. I attempted to once again pay extra to have it up sized to the 5/8 inch, but they are also out of that. Since I chose all the colors of striped ribbon, I was out of options. I have decided to mail out all the packages today without the lavender striped ribbon. I do not want to keep you waiting. I know you are excited to get your ribbon! I will ship out the lavender striped ribbon to you when I get it. I will be sending it first class mail for US participants. You can watch my blog for details when that arrives. For the international participants, I have chosen to send another color of ribbon to you instead of shipping an additional package at a later date. I hope you'll understand. :)

Now I must get busy! I have 60 packages to haul to the post office! LOL I am off to seal the packages and get ready for shipping. :)

Have a great day!

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