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Feb 15, 2007


WOWZERS! That was FAST! I ordered the ribbon last Friday on the deadline for sign ups. It shipped the SAME DAY (except a couple back ordered spools) and it arrived a little while ago. WOW! I am happy and scared to death at the same time. LOL This is a HUGE undertaking. Good thing I am already crazy or this may have pushed me over the edge! LMBO! I (and my ribbon cutting angel helpers) will be cutting 27,000 yards of ribbon! YES... you read that right! 27,000 yards! :) That is a A LOT of ribbon! As always I will be working hard to get it cut and out the door. I know you all are excited to see your ribbon. :)

Tracy and Susan (my ribbon cutting ANGELS) have already come by and picked up some of the ribbon to help. They are QUICK and oh so appreciated. I am going to have to do something special for them. :)

There are a total of 12 spools of ribbon back ordered (4 solid, 8 striped). I have already e-mailed the company asking for substitution colors so that I (you) don't have to wait. They are really great to work with and I don't think it will be a problem.

Tonight as I watch my DVRd shows I will be TANGLED UP! :)

Have a great night and send me positive vibes. LOL

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