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Feb 23, 2007

Happy Mail!

WOW, I got the CUTEST happy mail today! My mailman rang the doorbell this morning and imagine my surprise when I saw him holding a gorgeously decorated 2 liter bottle? He was quite amused, but not as amused as I was! WOW! When I saw the return address it brought a smile to my face! It was from LOIS M, who has participated in several shares. She is always so thoughtful and sweet and this was no exception! Thank you so much Lois for sending me such a cool gift! I can't wait to alter these things! :) YAY

This is a picture of what was inside. HUGE HUGS to Lois! Thank you SO much!


  1. WOW!! All that fit in a 2 liter bottle. That's a wonderful suprise! Okay, my curiosity is sparked, how did she MAIL a 2 liter bottle? Can you give me more details that sounds so neat. I'm new to this blogging world, and expanding creativity. Boy this gives me ideas. Can't wait for your response.

  2. Deb, she literally stuffed everything into a 2 liter bottle bu slitting down the side, stuffing everything in, then taping it back up with strong tape. Then, it was decorated on the outside with patterned paper and ribbon and she stuck my address on it and mailed it just like that. It was SO SO cool. Kinda crushed... but SO cool. LOL Everything inside made it fine as you can see. :)

  3. Glad you got it. I know how much time & effort goes into doing shares & I just wanted you to know I appreciate all you do!


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