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Feb 2, 2007

Primas Going Postal!

I have sorted and bagged the entire first large order of Prima flowers. These 22 boxes will be mailed today. They are a mix of different shares. One of them may be coming to you! :) I am sending them out on a first ordered/paid, first sent out system. I am expecting another order soon that has already been shipped out and placed a third order yesterday that should ship out today at some point.
Thanks again to all who have joined. I still have ALL sign ups open and will leave them open until Feb 15th. I have already asked my hubby for flowers for Valentine's Day.... PAPER flowers. LOL I asked him to refrain from ordering me the normal $75 rose bouquet and to instead give me Primas. He just laughed and said I was the only girl he knew that asked to NOT get flowers. I compromised and said he could buy me a single or inexpensive bouquet from Walmart. LOL
I have been getting lots of e-mail about doing another ribbon share. It is in the works and will be posted this month. Keep an eye on my blog for sign ups.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Oh, I can hardly wait for the primas to arrive! This is great! However can I thank you for all your hard work? I still say you're going to go stark, raving mad trying to get all those teeny, tiny flowers sorted & to the right people. If I receive an empty box in the mail I'll know what happened!

  2. LOL Peggy! I'll try to keep it together! LOL

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