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Feb 18, 2007

Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon

CHECK OUT this picture. OMG! LOL That is my tower of boxes that are ready to go postal. To say I have been hard at work would be an understatement. LOL
WHEW! I slept in until noon! That was the time I was hoping for so YAY me. :) Hubby shut the door to our bedroom and kept the kids quiet enough for me to sleep 8 hours. I needed that! :) My arms and shoulders are rather sore which is quite comical to me. LOL

I woke up today and finished up sorting the Primas that have been paid for. Then, I milled around the house and decided it was ribbon cutting time again!
I began cutting some of the striped ribbon. My hubby was sitting next to me on the couch and I said, "this would go twice as fast if you were helping me bundle". Long pause.... *sigh* Repeat: "this would go twice as fast if you were helping me." *sigh* He finally responded and said that if he helped he would "get in trouble" and "not do it right and make me mad" (apparently I am a perfectionist LMBO). I told him it was not hard to wrap paper around ribbon. With a little more coaxing he was diligently wrapping ribbon with paper and trying not to fall behind with his job. LOL It was VERY helpful. Thanks Honey! :)

Out of the 10 colors of striped, 3 are on some sort of back order. There are 3 colors back ordered, but only a total of 8 spools (2, 2 and 4 of different colors). I was able to cut 20 spools of striped and box them up. I will have to wait for the other colors to send the rest out. I have already been in contact with the company and they let me know that it shouldn't be long for the back orders to be shipped to me. I am crossing my fingers that I will have it by this Friday.

As of right now I have 52 packages of ribbon ready to go out! I had planned to go to the post office tomorrow, but my dear husband informed me the USPS is closed, so it will have to wait until Tuesday. LOL OOPS 2 packages are striped only, approx 20 are striped and solid, and the rest are solid only. There will be many ribbon-tangled ladies this week. Please let me know when you get it. :) YAY
I have some open Prima share spots after sorting all the orders. I will post those in a little while. They will be available on a first come/first served basis. I prefer paypal and with prompt payment, your Primas will ship on Tuesday.


  1. you are such a sweetie to do all these shares! Kudo's to DH for helping out! :D

  2. I still can't believe you do all those ribbon shares!! You must have arms of steele by now but I know I'm grateful that you do!! The ribbon is ALWAYS beautiful! Also I missed the first prima share so I'm in on the next one as soon as you post!!


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