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Feb 20, 2007

Tuesday Notes

I shipped the mountain of boxes I showed you in a picture a few posts back. It was quite the event. I am beginning to feel like a circus freak when I show up at the USPS with so many boxes. LOL People stare, point and comment how it must be Christmas. heehee If only they knew it FELT like Christmas when you open a box like that. Ahhhhhhh! LOL

The Prima share is now open again. The couple spots I had left went quickly and I decided to go ahead and open the share back up for a round 2. The share will close on February 28th. All sign ups and payments need to be to me by Feb 28th. I will order on or around the 28th. As always I keep updates here on my blog during the entire process. If you'd like to sign up, click here for details:

This is an older post that gives the flower types and prices. All info in that post is correct except the close date. Again, I will need sign ups and payments by Feb 28th for this share.

Thanks to all who have already signed up for round 2. I will be getting back to you soon. :)

Have a great night! My goal is to finish cutting the last 11 spools of striped ribbon and hopefully stamp a little. :) That never happened yesterday. :( My new toys are screaming for me! LOL

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  1. For anyone considering joining a share - Do it!! The primas are gorgeous and of great quality. You will be thrilled with the selection wwhen you receive your share. Jody even has them divided into color shades for you.


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