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Mar 8, 2007

March Ribbon Share! :)

Hi all! The time is here for the March ribbon share! :) I had many readers miss the deadline for the last one and am ready to take on another one. :) The details are below. I am offering a solid and striped share for now. There are only 3 days to sign up! Deadline is March 11th at noon for sign up and payment. Check out the details below!

I have some more shares in the works right now. I am ironing out the details, but hope to be offering them soon. Some include VELVET RIBBON, SKINNY STITCHED RIBBON and a couple more! Watch my blog for sign ups! These shares will go fast and spots will be very limited!

March Grosgrain ribbon share

  • 1/4 inch grosgrain ribbon (NOT SU most colors will match SU colors. some are repeats of past shares.)

  • 30 different colors

  • approx. 10 yards of each color

  • approx. 300 yards total

  • $50 per participant including shipping back to you and paypal fees.

  • I cut the ribbon, bundle it by color and ship it to you in a priority box (international shipments are sent airmail usually). Time to ship to you depends on shipping from the manufacturer, but should be around a month or less from the time I receive all payments. Cutting and bundling takes a tremendous amount of time, but I do my best to get it done quickly. Canadian participants pay same shipping as US. All other countries please e-mail me for a shipping quote.

  • You may sign up for more than one spot if you would like to. Just double the price when sending payment. IF you sign up for more than 1 spot, your ribbon will still be cut into 10 yard sections, but you will get 10 yards of each color per spot.


  • 3/8 inch striped ribbon

  • 10 different colors

  • 10 yards each color

  • 100 yards total

  • $12.50

  • If adding on to March grosgrain share add $1 shipping. If purchasing ONLY striped share, please add $5 shipping.

If you would like to participate you can pay through paypal ONLY. This is a short sign up period, so I am not able to take checks for this share. If you do not have a paypal account or do not know how to send paypal, let me know and I can send you a bill. This makes it easier to send payment. Please add the following info in the “notes” section:

  • name

  • SCS name (if applicable)

  • mailing address

  • which share/shares you are participating in.

If you would like to sign up, just send your payment and all the info requested. My paypal address is: . No need to PM or e-mail me, but you can if you have a question. The deadline for sign ups is March 11th by noon OR sooner if all spots fill sooner. DO NOT SEND PAYMENT AFTER THE DEADLINE WITHOUT MY APPROVAL.

I will keep my blog updated as always to share the progress of the order with you.


  1. "NOT SU most colors will match SU colors."

    What is "SU" colors?

  2. SU Colors is referring to Stampin Up colors. Another share I must be a part are a bad influence, but I love you for it :)

  3. Yes I will sign up for the grosgrain ribbon share... can you send me the paypal bill. webb dot rachel at gmail dot com

  4. Oh my gosh you must have huge muscles in your arms with all that ribbon cutting and bundling.. A big thank you for it. I can't wait to see what other shares you've got coming.


  5. Hi Jody, I'd like to sign up for the grosgrain ribbon but I'm from the netherlands is that a problem? Can you please send me the paypal bill?
    With kind regards, Inge Ü

  6. Holy cow! I can hardly wait for the kicked up ribbon share (velvet and stitched!). I hope I'm quick enough to get in!
    Thanks~ Lisa


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