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Mar 12, 2007

So much excitement for one day!

WOW, what a productive day I have had!

The NEW and EXCITING ribbon shares are rolling. I placed an order today for some NEW RIBBON SHARES! I am SO excited about them! When I receive shipping confirmation I will post more details! :) For now... here are a few hints: soft velvet, beautiful new stripes, skinny stitches, dots all in a row and "specialty" velvet. Spots will be limited since the ribbon has already been ordered! Watch my blog closely in the next couple days for the details on these beautiful ribbons! :) *I am flushed and feel faint just THINKING about them* LOL

I organized the Prima share this morning and placed the first order today. If needed, I will place another one in a week or two. I like the turn around to be as quick as possible! I know I don't like to wait, so I work as fast as possible so YOU don't have to. :)

Now, off to stamp! :) Have a great evening!


  1. Oooh I can't wait for your new ribbon shares to be announced, sounds like we'd better act quickly when you do.. Any possibility of doing an Organza ribbon share any time soon?


  2. ****Jumping up and down!!!****

    Can't wait!

  3. Oh I hope you allow Canadians in this share I would love to do it!!!!

  4. I cant wait I cant wait!!!

  5. ohhhhhhhh jody---you bad, bad, girl.*wink* be still my heart.....velvet ribbon...all i can say is YUM!! Cant wait! :0)

  6. The ribbon sounds wonderful!! Sure hope I get in!

  7. Me! Me! Me! I want in! Oh I hope I don't miss this one!


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