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Apr 25, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaack!

Me, Karen, Tracy and Cyndi (front)
me and Tami (shannacourt)
Jimmi (jpmayo) and me
Sherri (sherristampsalot) and me

I am back from my fun, long weekend in VA! I went to attend the Stampin' Up regionals in Virginia Beach and to stay with my wonderful friend, Cyndi. :) We had an awesome time. We shopped, stuffed, slept (a little) and stamped. The girls that stayed together were me, Cyndi (cpw3431), Karen (gamblemom) and Tracy (kid305).

I arrived on Thursday and we went straight to Cyndi's house to meet her family. After some gift swapping and chatting we went out to dinner to Carrabas! It was DIVINE! I had never eaten there and SO want to return ASAP! :) I had some chicken that was stuffed with cheese and OH MAN! *salivating* Near the end of dinner the girls wanted a picture at the table so they wanted to call over the waiter. I nonchallantly told them him name was Chris (it wasn't LMBO). So, they are saying "excuse me, Chris can you do something for us?" He walks over and says yes I will, but my name isn't Chris, it's TJ! LMBO! I don't know if I'll ever live that one down. LOL It was a funny moment and kept us giggling for some time. :)

On Friday, we woke up early and went to SU regionals. The presentation was nice. We stamped most of the projects and had a good time hanging out. That night was the SCS dinner. I was able to meet some awesome ladies there! Tami Morkan (shannacourt) was SO SO sweet! She is a ribbon junkie like myself. :) As a matter the fact, I delivered her sheer polka dot ribbon to her at the dinner. LOL She is very sweet with a bubbling personality! Sherristampsalot was also very sweet! We had been PMing prior to the event and I was looking forward to meeting her IRL. jpmayo was also present and was super fun and sweet! There were so many more! I wish I had gotten the opportunity to sit by each person to get to know them more, but there was just not enough time. I am looking forward to getting together with them again. :)

On Saturday, we had our power shopping shoes on. We went to AC Moore. I loved it there, but the stamps were VERY expensive. YIKES! We also went to a local scrap store in Chesapeake. Then, we went to Williamsburg to a stamp store that was very nice, but the owners were SO RUDE. I bought 3 pots of glitter. I would have purchased more, but they turned off the lights while we were there because they wanted to close. We had called and they said we could stay a little longer. I guess they are rich enough that they didn't need our business. Given the chance, I would have spent WAY more money in there. Their loss! 4 ladies who are obsessed would have been some nice end of the day sales. Then, we went to colonial Williamsburg. It was very beautiful there. After that we went to Michaels. Did you know Michaels is now carrying Bare Elements items? I was SO excited. 40% coupons here I come! :) We went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and took some cake to go. YUM YUM! Cyndi, Mary wants to let you know she says hi. :)

On Sunday, I woke up and ate my Cheesecake Factory cake for breakfast! Then, we stamped all day long! We made some awesome cards and had some time to just sit together.

Monday was departure day. After getting ready it was time to go. Cyndi drove us to the airport where we exchanged hugs and tears. It was a wonderful weekend that I hope can be repeated at some point. :)

Thanks Cyndi for all you did for us while we were there. We had a blast!


  1. How FUN is that? I'm so envious.
    Sounds like a fantastic weekend!

  2. Jody you are too sweet!! I so enjoyed meeting you (and of course Tracy and Karen!). Ya'll are so fun, I know have to take a trip to Texas (I figured if I started using ya'll in sentences it will help me fit in better.)

    I'm glad you enjoyed your trip here- sorry about the RUDENESS at the aformentioned stamp store in Williamsburg! Doesn't surprise me, that behavior is par for the course.

    Anywho, off to organize my new pretty ribbon! :)

  3. Jody, what a fun time you must have had. Could you tell me the name of the stamp store in Williamsburg cause my DH and I are spending a week there in July and I would love to go to a stamp store? Thanks.
    Cheryl Sims

  4. I had so much fun meeting you on Friday at dinner! Can't wait til you come to visit again only next time I am sleeping at Cyndi's too...I havent told her yet so keep it on the down low;)

  5. Sounds like you had the best time, I'm very envious!

  6. OH my goodness what a wonderful fun time you had!! I love all the sites in VA! Sorry the store owner was so rude...that really bites but at least you had more money to spend on Cheesecake!!!
    Cheesecake for Breakfast, fun times with friends....gosh sounds like a little piece of heaven to me ;)

  7. OPPS forgot to say!
    You are all so beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your pics!!

  8. It looks like you girls had so much fun!!! Am I green with envy? Yep in a big way! Not only would I love to meet you and Cyndi, but Jimmi and Sherri were there too! OMG what did I miss out on.

  9. What a great weekend!!!! Sounds like you had a blast!

    Tag! You're it! See my blog for details!

  10. Oh my gosh, I wasn't expecting Mary! LMBO!!!!!

    Anyway, it was so much fun. The shopping, stamping, eating, laughing was wonderful!! Can't wait til we meet again!!

  11. I am glad y'all had a fabulous time - but we will MISS YOU ALL this weekend!

    I got some of that BE stuff already!

  12. I'm so jealous but glad to hear you had a wonderful time!


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