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Apr 2, 2007

Organization makes me happy!

Organization in my life makes me very happy. That transcends to my stamp room also. Yes, creating in chaos IS possible, but I much prefer a "cleanish" stamp table. It's an added bonus when I can actually WALK on the floor instead of leaping from one open spot to another. LOL My stamp room had gotten so out of control that I could no longer find things I needed. I had more stuff than places to put it in, so I needed storage stuff.

My journey to a cleaner stamp room started the day that my husband purchased a Playstation 3. We were already at Walmart and since he was dropping some dough on that game system, I grabbed as many drawers as would fit in 2 carts. LOL When we got home I went to my stamp room and started the long task. I removed everything from the tops of my current drawers and threw everything in my bedroom. I worked in my stamp room for hours and hours and had made some progress, but then I ran out of drawers. So, the next day I went to Target to get some more drawers. I came home and got right to work putting even more things away, but again I ran out of drawers. LOL SO.... I went to Walmart the next day and bought even more drawers and put more stuff away! The floor was clean, everything was looking better than ever and then I realized I had lots of scrap card stock without a home. I had them in craft keepers, but that system wasn't working for me. I wasn't able to access them easily, so I decided I needed just two more drawer sets. LOL I purchased the 12 X 12, 3 drawer sets and assigned each one a color family. I sorted scraps for half a day! UGH! But, finally I was done. :) Now, everything is organized, more accessible and even better... I can walk in the entire room without having to perform acrobatics. YAY! It is not the beatifully done room, but it is functional. LOL I am ready to stamp now in a newly clean and organized space!
Oh and YES, I AM a ribbon addict. ;)


  1. I laughed out loud at your "leaping from one open spot to another" because what paper crafter hasn't had to do that? Thanks so much for sharing! :0)

  2. Oh Jody! Thanks for sharing! I love to see what others have done for organization.

    I really hope when our basement is finished that I will be able to get everything organized (and keep it mostly, errr, sorta straight!) ;)

  3. Yay you!! Must have been something in the air this weekend cuz I felt the same spring organizing motivation you had! I'd gotten so frustrated with my stamp room because there was stamp sets all over the floor (from a previous VSN!)and there was no clear flat space to stamp. Usually I'd walk in hoping to stamp and just walk back out disheartened. :( But after this weekend's organizing binge I felt sooo much better! So kudos to you cuz I know how great it feels to have your creative space organized!!!!

  4. Wow that looks so great! I have a few drawers but not nearly enough. That is very inspiring!

  5. you're room looks great!! I need more storage cubes...come to my house :)

  6. Awesome.
    I want to be organized like you when I grow up!


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