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Apr 6, 2007

Share updates

Here are some updates for everyone:

MARCH May Arts share: "ALL 5" shares have all been shipped out. YAY For anyone who ordered one or more shares, your ribbon has also been shipped out. There are several who I waiting for payment from. If your name is on the list, your payment has not been received and your ribbon has not been shipped. If you have already contacted me, disregard. :) If you are NOT on this list, your ribbon in on the way! :) YAY

Kirsten Gonzalez PAID
Darla Rowan PAID
Kelly Lane
Carol Hager
Alison Copes
Sandra Lew-Moll (friend) mailed PAID

I DO have a few spots left in the MARCH May Arts share. You can mix and match these with your APRIL May Arts share if you would like. If you want anything I have it on hand and it will ship very quickly. Once this is gone, the share will be closed. Here is what I have available:

7 spots velvet
4 spots velvet ric rac
5 spots skinny stitched
5 spots polka dots

For more info here is the blog post:

and here are pictures of the ribbon:

ESSENTIALS 2 Prima share is NOW CLOSED. I have already ordered the flowers. They have not shipped out to me yet, but I was told shipping times are quicker than last month. *crossing fingers* LOL As soon as they come in, I will sort and ship out. All flowers from the the 1st batch have been shipped out. I will offer these again with the next share, so watch my blog for sign ups to open later this month.

APRIL May Arts Share: I am still taking sign ups for this share. As always, when it comes in I will cut, sort and ship. :) I have already shipped out 1 batch of ribbon (that I had on hand).

For details, visit this post:

MARCH Prima Share: I have been in contact with customer service about the back ordered Daisies. I missed her call yesterday (I was at the post office shipping ribbon and flowers LOL). I will return her call today. I expect her to let me know she has them in *crossing fingers* . I DID get in SOME of the back ordered daisies. Those will complete some of the Prima Lovers shares and some of the Daisy Crazy shares. They will be shipped on Monday. YAY

NEW PRIMA SHARE COMING SOON!: Oh my goodness! Wait until you see the new Primas I ordered for the next share! *giggles* I figured I would order first and wait for them to come in BEFORE I post all the details. I like being able to ship QUICK and Prima has been shipping sloooooooow. LOL When they come in and I post the details, there will be a limited number of spots to ship immediately (with what I have on hand). If more sign up, I will place another order. Want a couple hints: Polka dots, Lace.... can someone say Lingerie Party? :) ALSO cute checks and dots in the newest Sprites! Full and half shares will be available. I can't wait to get my hands on these! *drool*


  1. Just wanted to let you knowt that my primas arrived today. Thank you so much. They are beautiful. I'm glad I took the plunge and finally got some.


  2. Jody! My April May Arts Ribbon Share showed up today! That was super quick! Thanks!

  3. Oooooh, I can't wait for the primas, count me in on that one. I got my spotty ribbon this morning Jody and all I can see is OMG, WOW, IT IS GORGEOUS, so thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

  4. Hi Jody, I am really happy that I found your blog with these gorgeous shares... :)
    I am addicted to your shares... oh gosh!!!!
    I am so excited....
    Hugs! Happy Easter! God bless you!

  5. Jody, Love, love, love my Primas & ribbons from your share. They are greater than sliced bread! Happy Easter and thanks for all the great shares you offer!


  6. Jody, Love, love, love my Primas & ribbons from your share. They are greater than sliced bread! Happy Easter and thanks for all the great shares you offer!


  7. Jody!! BEeeeee-oootiful Ribbon. Thank U, Thank U.

    Ok, Im addicted. Lock me UP!

    Thanks Again G'friend! :)

    ~Sabrina (Canada)


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