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May 15, 2007

An AWESOME Eyelet Share!

Do you like eyelets? Do you like Stampin' Up colors?

A friend of mine is hosting an eyelet share. There is a color match for ALL 48 colors, all 6 "in" colors, and plenty of neutrals to round it out.

You'll get 3,000 eyelets in 59 colors for only $40 including shipping and she is doing half shares also! In my true "ADDICT" form, I think I'll take 2! LOL

If you participate, please tell Heidi that I sent you. :)

Here is some info from Heidi:

I have found a wholesaler I can work with to get eyelets custom made in all of our favorite colors. I have sent in card stock samples and they are making the colors to match!!!

In this share, you'll get:
  • 3,000 eyelets in 59 colors
  • 48 colors~~50 each
  • 6 "in" colors~~50 each
  • neutrals~~50 each, 100 black

These are aluminum eyelets, like SU. They are a soft metal, easy to set.

  • Cost: $40~~This includes shipping and delivery confirmation (add $2 if paying via PayPal) If ordering more than one share, I can adjust your PayPal fees if paying in one transaction.
  • I'm also offering a 1/2 share for $23~~$24 if paying via PayPal.

To order, you can send me a e-mail at . I need at least 200 participants because I have to order 10,000 of each color to have them made. I am limiting the share to 400 participants for this round. My previous eyelet share (non custom colors) had a limit of 200.The manufacturer is quoting us (me and the wholesaler) 35 days to complete the manufacturing process. We then have to allow time to have the eyelets shipped from overseas, through customs, to the wholesaler, then to me. I also anticipate having to do some counting. So, my goal is to get the eyelets in your hands in 60 days. I need to have 1/2 of the money up front in order to start the process. As soon as I have 100 orders paid, I can pay the $$ up front to get things going.


  1. what size are the eyelets? I don't like teeny ones.

  2. The link to the eyelet share won't open for me. Is anyone else having that problem?


  3. The eyelets are the normal sized eyelets Jan.

    Lucy, you can copy/paste her e-mail address in your e-mail program and send her an e-mail that way.


  4. Count me in!! This sounds like a great deal!

  5. Oh Im going to consider this one! Jody do you think shed do a brad share? I would be SO IN for that one!!!
    BTW I got a google account just so I could finally leave comments on your blog!

  6. I sent an email signing on, but haven't heard whether it was received, etc. I'm new to these types of things and not familiar with the procedure - so maybe I just need to wait. But I'm excited about being a part of this one as well - ShariW


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