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May 10, 2007

A Muse Addiction

By now you have probably realized I have some "issues". I have something inside of me that makes me want more than 1 of something. I am quite certain it dates back to the days when I lived under my mother's roof and we ran out of toilet paper and had to use kleenex, then napkins, then paper towels... THEN she went and bought toilet paper. LOL SO... MOM, thanks a bunch! It is because of YOU that I have gone crazy today and purchased a boat load of A Muse stamps. :)

Of course, that would imply that this was an impulse purchase. The nasty truth is that it was totally premeditated! I "checked out" the A Muse catalogs from my LSS and made a list and checked it twice! Then I turned in said catalogs and my list and told her I was done! Then I called back 2 separate times to add a stamp to my list. Seriously! It's an addiction I tell ya! They are so darn cute that I want the complete set. I mean... like one of every stamp that has ever been made type of set. Thank goodness the owner of the LSS is very accommodating with my A Muse requests. So, thanks Jean for letting me go hog wild with my A Muse order. :) It was fun!

Some of the stamps I purchased, I must blame on other SCSers. Jami, I ordered the place setting because of you! :) Julie, I ordered the tire swing tree because I want to set a black eyelet in the tire like you did. :) Manda, I ordered the lemonade stand because you did! I ordered the donkey, cactus and gracias because I have seen many cute cards made with them. So, thanks to all the enablers who helped make my list nice and long. LOL
Andee Cate inspired me to confess my A Muse purchase today by posting a confession of her own. I thought it was a crazy coincidence that we both went A Muse crazy today! To see her cool finds, check out her blog here:


  1. Why limit your addiction to just ribbon? Ironically I was just sitting here making my wishlist out for amuse. It's about $200+ as we speak. I only order online and none of the new ones are listed there. How did you get some of the summer ones(hammock, skunk etc)? I am so jealous. =D

  2. Holy CRAP Jody!!! Bah-hahahaha
    I have an Amuse order just sittin there waitin to push the "send" button....doooo iiiitttt....doooo iiiittt...!!!!!!
    Tandra Boyer

  3. I know all about it Jody as you got me addicted to the ribbons!! First it is the SU stamps, then the papertrey, then the bellas. What's next? Fun though, isn't it? Can't wait to see your creations. You chose some nice ones.
    Cheryl Sims

  4. Hi Jody! I LOVE A Muse. I'm so jealous that you can walk into a LSS and see them in person!

  5. Sweetie, we have problems!!! LOL

    I will post a better pic of what I got later tonight just for you, k?

    :) BTW, super SCORE!!! I am comming down to your house so we can swap images!!!

  6. Problem, What problem? You have a problem? LMBO. *jealous and wishing I had broken my rule and ordered too*

  7. Holy COW! You did go nuts. I gotta admit, I've had my eye on a couple of the stamps you purchased - like that donkey & cactus, grass, moochas grassias...

    Looks like you're gonna be busy for a while! Enjoy!

  8. Well, I think owning the complete set of A Muse stamps is a good goal! :)

    Great picks, Jody!

  9. Hmmmmmm.... must be something in the atmosphere? Wonder how many others out there are going 'hog wild' over A Muse stamps?

  10. We must have grown up in the same bathroom! LOL!!!!
    I just did the same thing. I needed one thing, but it seems a shame to pay shipping on only one item, so it beme 15 Shhhhh!!

  11. I'm totally loving the A Muse stamps and who can stop with just one. I seem to have a list always going. I just need to move so I can hide my addiction better!!

  12. But you have to admit . . . the lemonade stand is just SO stinking cute :) Hehehehe! I wanted to order so much more, but we are trying to be budget conscious because of the new house purchase coming up -- but think of the positives of that -- a new bigger house with more room to hard even more stamps *giddies*

    Can't wait to get my hands on my new toys!

  13. I too, am an A Muse addict! I just LOVE their hooked on them when Julie Ebersole kept making those adorable cards with the images!!! I have an order coming that I put in this weekend, can't actually get to see them in a store??? NO FAIR!!! That would be HEAVEN :)


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