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May 24, 2007

Primas Going Postal

Hi all! I received the shipment of back ordered Prima Sprites this evening. I have been working on packing them all night!

They are now all boxed and ready to go to the post office. All international packages will be mailed tomorrow! All US packages have been "click and shipped" tonight and will be dropped off at the post office tomorrow.

Just a few things:

1.) I had to send a double color of Prima Sprites to most of you because of the back order situation, but you will still be getting 10 packages of Sprites.

2.) I have issued refunds to several due to the Essentials 2 being on back order for 8+ weeks. That is way too long to have you all wait, so I will post new signs ups in a couple months when they are caught up on their shipping with those!

ALL Prima shares will be shipped TOMORROW! YAY Watch your mailboxes, ladies!

I have ONE 1/2 share of the lingerie left. If anyone is interested LMK. Everything else is SOLD OUT. Please e-mail prior to sending payment for the lingerie half share. I only have ONE available. Here are the details of that share:

Thanks to all who joined!


  1. I would be interested in the half share if it is still available. Please email me at with the details of how to arrange payment with paypal. Thanks!
    Deb Albright

  2. Hi Jody, I received my ribbon shares and I have to confess, I am in love! :)
    They are wonderful, thanks for the great deal.
    I am excited for the next share.


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