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Jun 13, 2007

May Arts Ribbon Share Time!

It's time for another ribbon share! I have found some great ribbons to offer for this share! I am also offering a "second chance" on a couple of the most popular shares for those of you that missed out the first time around.

Here are all the details:

May Arts Polka Dot Grosgrain:

  • 5/8 inch polka dot grosgrain ribbon

  • 20 colors (10 in each group)

  • 5 yards of each color

  • 100 yards total (50 yards per group)

  • $27 plus shipping for one group

  • $52 plus shipping (save $2) if you would like all 20 colors!

  • Colors will be split into 2 groups at my discretion with care to "balance" as much as possible.

  • The quality of the ribbon cannot be beat! It is the best I have seen!

May Arts Faux Suede Ribbon

  • 5/8 inch Faux Suede Ribbon

  • 12 colors

  • 3 yards each color

  • 36 yards total

  • $17 plus shipping

May Arts Twill

  • 3/8 inch Twill

  • 7 colors

  • 5 yards each color

  • 35 yards total

  • $13 plus shipping

May Arts Variegated Striped Grosgrain Ribbon

  • 1/2 inch variegated striped grosgrain ribbon

  • 11 colors

  • 5 yards each color

  • 55 yards total

  • $23 plus shipping

May Arts 2nd Chance Polka Dot Organdy Ribbon

  • This time ALL 12 colors are available

  • 3/8 inch polka dot organdy

  • 12 colors

  • 5 yards each color

  • 60 yards total

  • $25 plus shipping

May Arts 2nd Chance Grosgrain Striped Ribbon

  • This time 15 colors available instead of 12!

  • 3/8 inch striped grosgrain ribbon

  • 15 colors

  • 5 yards of each color

  • 75 yards total

  • $28 plus shipping

For US orders of $100 or more you get FREE priority shipping! For all other participants, shipping will be a flat $6! Canada ships with no additional shipping costs. Other international: contact me for shipping rates. International buyers: buy at your own risk. Postal wait times may be long. Us buyers: insurance is optional at your cost. I will not be responsible for packages once they are shipped.

No fee for paypal! Paypal is preferred! It's quick and easy and did you know you can send an e-check through paypal? If you need help or would like me to send you an invoice please e-mail me at .

Ready to jump in? PLEASE make sure you add all share fees correctly. Send total amount and DETAILED note about exactly what you are ordering to my paypal address: If you do not know how to use paypal or are having a difficult time, e-mail me at that address and I will send you an invoice that will make it easier to send payment. :)

If you would like to pay by check or money order please contact me at with the details of which share(s) you would like to join. I will hold your spot for the share and send you my mailing address.

Sign ups will be open for 1 week, but *could* close earlier if spots fill.

As always, I will keep you updated throughout the process on my blog. Shipping time may vary based on shipment from manufacturer, but I will move quickly once I have received the products to lessen your wait time. Thanks in advance to anyone joining! If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at the address listed above. Thank you and happy ribbon day! :)

I included as many pictures as possible, but be aware that colors *may* vary from those shown. Thank you!


  1. I'm a virgin ribbon sharer... can you please explain what a 2nd Chance share is?

  2. It just means I have done this share once already and that I am once again offering it. :)

  3. I think I want in on this one:

    May Arts 2nd Chance Polka Dot Organdy Ribbon

    Tell me exactly how much I owe you and I will paypal it to you . . . (giddies)

  4. I counted 23 colors int eh ploka dotted grosgrain-and the photo for hte suede is off by two. are these not the actual photos but just pulled off the site?

    are any of these duplicates of what we already have done recently? Other than the 2nd chance ones?

    I did a math quickie and what is the total for the new ones? I get 105.00. Let me know the details before I order if any of the new ones are actually repeats. I just have recieved so many from you that I forget what is new or even close to new.

    HOw thick is the fake suede ones?

  5. Jan, there are 23 colors total available. I am choosing 20 to allow for backorders/substitutions since there is a large number of them.

    The suede photo is actually off by three. You will also get: Ivory, olive and brown.

    These are all new shares EXCEPT for the 2nd chance ribbons which were identified as such.

    I have not personally seen the suede ribbon, but from the picture it looks fairly thin (not thick like real suede would be).

    To get one of each of the new ribbons it is $105 with FREE shipping. LMK if I can help you with anything else. :)

  6. yay, you ROCK! did you know that??? just one question though...because i'm obsessed, i counted the polka dot grosgrain and there are 23 colors not 20. if i pay for all, will i get what's shown? thanks girl, off to paypal ya now!

  7. next time i'll read all comments so i don't feel like a dingle :)

    thanks jody!!

  8. Just to verify this polka dot grosgrain ribbon is different than the last share you offered, correct? I was thinking of getting it but only if it is different than what I already have.

  9. Hey Jody. These are beautiful!
    I don't want the 2nd chance ribbons, as I have -- I think -- everything you offered last time. LOL!! (Shhhhhhhhhh!!! don't tell anyone.)

    I would like to have all these new ribbons too. So, a share in everything you have posted today is the $105? How many yards is that? (Guess I need to go back and do the math......not enough coffee here yet this morning.)

    I definitely need in on this one.
    Will any of these ribbons come close to any SU colors? Do you know?

    OK, enuf questions.
    Thanks for another rock'n share.

    ~~~ In Tucson

  10. Tracy, no worries! LOL

    Jackie, the polka dot grosgrain is definitely different. It is a little wider and it is AWESOME quality! You'll LOVE it! It is VERY nice... it's May Arts! :)

    Yes, the new ribbon share comes out to $105. It is for 226 yards of May Arts ribbon. I know for sure lots of the poolka dot ribbons have matched because I already have lots of those. The suede ones definitely look like there are some matches, but I haven't seen them in person yet. The twill looks like some matches (I only have black), and the striped is sure to have matches since there are many colors in each. I do think of SU colors when I order since I use Stampin Up inks and cardstocks. Like with anything else, they may not ALL match, but I do my best to find matches. :)

  11. hello,
    I was referred by Geeta and wondered how long these shares are good for?

  12. Jody - I have been reading your blog for awhile and finally you have lured me with these pretty ribbons. i'm going to sign up for a couple; thanks so much for doing this for all of us. this is a fabulous deal and you're doing so much work!! also i wanted to say, i really admire your creations; you are so creative!

    have a great day!

    Beth B. (mommy to a busy 3 3/4 year old)

  13. Veronica, it depends on interest when they close. Sometimes they are open for weeks, and sometimes days. If you are sure of what you want and just need to wait until a certain day for payment, just let me know. I can work with you on payment arrangements.



  14. Hi Jody,
    Just letting you know that I'm jumping in this order. Will send you an email!
    Thank you so much!!

  15. Are you taking any more orders for ribbon? I just found your blog and I could kick myself for not discovering you earlier!

  16. I sent you an email for the organdy polka-dot and the fauz suede:)


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