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Jun 19, 2007

Ribbon shares re-opened

I KNEW this was going to happen. LOL I am re-opening the shares. :) I has several people sign up and now I can open another group. ALL ribbon types are available still. Feel free to send payment and join any share(s) you would like.

Also, I am hoping in the next day or two to post the leftover Prima flowers I have on hand. You will be able to add these on to your ribbon shares with no additional shipping. Watch for further details soon! :)

Have a great day!

Note: Last chance striped grosgrain is now sold out and CLOSED. I still have plenty of spots in all other shares.

1 comment:

  1. Oh I the first?
    Hey Jody. I had totally forgotten about this until this morning. Glad I got my Feedblitz update.
    I'm PM-ing you as I want in on this still. Thanks.


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