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Jul 28, 2007

Good news and bad news...

The good news is that I received the 1st ribbon shipment today! YAY The bad news is that there is one spool missing GRRRRRRRR! I have already e-mailed the company to let them know and requested them to send me the missing ribbon. The 2nd order has already shipped out to me, so I will be able to pull a spool from that shipment and get the 1st group out as soon as that 2nd shipment comes. By then I should also have the replacement ribbon. *crossing fingers*

I will be placing the 3rd and final order on Sunday night. At that time I will close the share. There are still a handful of spots open, but they are going quickly.

Have a great night!

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  1. Hi...I sent you an e-mail to join the ribbon share. Colleen


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