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Aug 1, 2007

I'd do That for a Dollar!

If you are a Big Brother fan, you know what I am talking about. LOL Eric, one of the house guests is trying to make a "catch phrase" as part of a challenge from America! America had to choose between 3 sayings. I was going for SWEET CHICKEN, but apparently I was alone in that. LOL

Anyway... back to the point (maybe I shouldn't post at 2:30 AM) the show got me thinking about the million stamps for a dollar each thing that is going on at . Check it out. Very fun! And who doesn't like a surprise? :)

I'd buy THAT for a dollar! LOL


  1. That was so funny. It was cracking me up last night!

  2. yeah but is that million dollar stamps rally real?? plus I thought big brother was hoot. lol. :) I love watching so much that hubby and me tape it so we don't miss it. :)


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