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Aug 23, 2007

It's my Party...

from Wendy:
from Karen:
from Karen:
from Michele:
from Tracy Paulk

My birthday was at the beginning of this week and I wanted to share a couple of the beautiful gifts I received. :)

Thank you to all who sent me cards, gifts or e-mails. They were all appreciated and it helped to make my day a special one! :)


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Jody!!! Hope you had a special day and best wishes for many more!

  2. Want to hear something funny? I saw that True Friend card and thought "wow, thats pretty" I had no idea I made it LMBO. I never took a picture of it because I wanted it to be a surprise. Mind if I save it for my own gallery? LOL. Glad you liked it!

  3. These are all wonderful. Happy B-day!!!

  4. What great cards!! Lucky girl! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  5. Hey Jody!
    Love all the cards you got! LOL Hope you had a great birthday!!!

    PS. ALso loved what you did with the kids for the High School Musical 2 debut last Friday! Too cute! TFS

  6. Hope you had a great day!

    From your slacker friend!

  7. I LOVE the chicken ones. I was just at Borders tonight reading my daughter a book and that reminded me of that: "Chickens to the Rescue!"


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