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Aug 6, 2007

May Arts Mania and an update...

WHEW! I have had a VERY busy past 24 hours. LOL The in-hand ribbon sold out very quickly! I have already placed another order for more May Arts ribbon. It will ship out to me in the next couple days and once I receive it I will get busy cutting and shipping. :)

Today I am mailing out more than half of the solid grosgrain shares. I stayed up until about 3 am packing those up. :) I am still waiting on one shipment of solid grosgrain to arrive and then I can get the rest of them out.

Many of you who added on May Arts will need to wait a little longer for your grosgrain since I sold out of the May Arts so quickly.

At this point I have e-mailed everyone back, cut everything I can cut and have boxed and will ship everything that can ship. Now, I am just waiting for more shipments. :) YAY

I still have spots available in the 5/8 inch grosgrain share (very few) and the May Arts August share! If you are in a current solid grosgrain share, please contact me prior to adding on since your package may have shipped already.

Thanks as always and have a wonderful day!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jody, Thanks for all your inpsiration and what a great blog you have! I am a ribbon nut also and you've posted some very lucious colors! Quick question, does "in hand ribbon" refer to the ribbon posted in your 8/5 post? Is all that gone? Can you please let me know and I will order from your next shipment.

    Thank you.
    Lisa Fujioka aka Kamuelamom on SCS


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