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Aug 4, 2007

My Ribbon Storage

I have been asked a lot about my ribbon storage. I started out very good and wrapped all my solid 1/4 grosgrain on cards and put them into cropper hopper drawers. I love how it looks! It is organized, easy to see at a glance and contained. The problem for me though is that I have SO much ribbon that I got tired of winding it. I found that I had to open multiple drawers to find what I wanted and they are not see through. Check out the picture below to show that storage system. Oh... and please note the chocolate next to the drawers. That is right inside the entry way so I can grab one on the way in if I need some stamping energy! LOL

I have found a great solution for me. I have been using plastic drawer systems that I purchase at Walmart. The great benefit is that the drawers are see through so I can see at a glance what I am looking for and open the drawer. I literally throw my bundles of ribbon in a drawer now. No wrapping, no organizing. For the most part I have one drawer per type of ribbon. I can dig through a little to find the color I want. LOL Occasionally it takes me a while to find the "tail" of ribbon so I can cut a piece off, but it hasn't been a major issue. Another great benefit is I can remove the drawer and take it to my stamp table. I haven't noticed any major wrinkling in my ribbon either. :) I *try* not to stuff the drawers full, but sometimes that can't be helped. After all... ribbon... I can never have too much of it! LOL I have a few drawer systems that are "deep" for my solid grosgrain and ribbons I have more of. The majority of my drawers though are the 8 1/2 X 11 systems that have 3 drawers in them. I find this is plenty of space to hold all my May Arts ribbon. Below is a picture of my drawer with 5/8 inch grosgrain, polka dot grosgrain and polka dot organdy. Hmmmm, what is that in the top drawer? I *think* I see 4 new colors of polka dot organdy:)

The next picture is some of my NEWEST May Arts ribbon. WOW, look at all those stripes and that sparkle! OH and WAIT! I see zig zag too! :) Again, it is one drawer per type. (except in the top drawer you can see 2 different ribbons) I just throw it in there. A great benefit to this is you can keep building vertically in a smallish space. You are only limited by your ceiling height (and I must say I am close) LMBO!

Finally, I will show you my 1/4 inch grosgrain drawer. YES, it is terribly messy, but I always find what I need and I can dig through like the wild ribbon woman I am! LOL See any wrinkles? Told ya! LOL

So go ahead... be messy! It's fun to run your fingers through all that wonderful ribbon! :)


  1. I store my ribbon in a very similar manner. Yours is a little more organized, but it works for me. Plus I find I can fit more if I am less organized, no wasted space occupied by paper and other such nonsense ~LOL!!!

  2. Well, you said you were addicted to ribbon & now I believe it!!!! Don't believe I've ever seen so much ribbon in one place before!

  3. You are driving me crazy girl!!! I gotta have some of that zig zag ribbon...and the stitched and striped ribbon, and glitter!!!

  4. WOOHOO! What a ton of ribbon ;)

    You were serious about tossing the ribbon in a drawer!!! HEHE

    Thanks for sharing your storage systems!

  5. Well now I'm not feeling so bad about keeping that polka dot organdy from the last share in a big's just sooo pretty and soft that way!! LOL

  6. Wow girl. That's a lot of ribbon.
    I thought **I** had a lot. LOL!
    Now when my DH thinks I'm nuts, I will just send him a link to your blog entry. Teee-heee!
    "See honey, someone else DOES have more ribbon than I do." :-)

    So, I am loving the one drawer/one type of ribbon concept you have going on here. I have some on rolls, but these cuts have been tougher to deal with. Most are still in the USPS boxes! **sigh**
    I will now go looking for some clear drawer-boxes. Thx for the photos.


  7. I love the Idea of the wrapped cards , I had to make my own cards as I could not find any that would work . Where did you find your cards you used for wrapping the ribbon ? I thought I had a lot of ribbon til I saw your stash , now I know I don't have enough .

  8. WOW!

    I love the way you store your beautiful ribbon...I thought I had alot, not even! Do you have that are still on their rolls at all, or you unroll to wrap onto cards? My DH thinks I have alot of ribbon, he ought to look at your stash..


  9. Bonnie, yes I do have ribbon on spools. LOL I'll post that pic a little later. LOL



  10. Jody, I must say you do have somewhat of habit!

    But it's a good one to be in.

    I too Love Ribbon! But I don't have as much as you do.

    Sometime I think I might just join in on your fun and purchase some from you.

    Enjoy your day!

    Jeanstamping2 on SCS

  11. I was just curious about what and where I might get the plastic ribbon holders that are in the second picture. Not the drawers but the actual white plastic things. Very good idea. I have seen them used with thread but I have only found the smaller ones. Do you use the small ones or are those bigger??? Thanks for sharing!

  12. Those are made by Cropper Hopper. I bought them at Hobby Lobby. :) HTH


  13. I had been a silent reader from your blog for a while... I can't help but comment on this post. It's amazing how much you have in those drawers! I tagged your blog on one of my entries, it's really fun knowing there is a network out there sharing the same ribbon fetish! ^_^

  14. WOW! that is alot of ribbon. Great organzing!

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  16. Wow, that's a lot of beautiful yummy ribbon:)I just organised mine with the cropper hopper embellishemnt drawer and I was so excited and happy to have found it.I stumbled across your blog now while doing more research on cropper hopper,lol. And , well, I was laughing out loud because you went back to the old fashioned one, where digging is concerned, hahaha. If it works for you,then you go girl.It was giving me such headache to dig through only one drawer...that is why I always think, what works for me, might not work for others. But, I also know, had I had as many ribbons as you have, I do not think I would have sat down and wind them on the ribbon card unless my three sisters come round to help me:)
    Anyway, I just found your blog and loving it...Ive made a video tutorial on my new found ribbon storage and you can view it here:
    My youtube name is craftytassy.I am now going to browse through your blog, and Happy xmas:)I hope you do not mind if I link you up on my typepad blog?As I find it so interesting that you have a different way of storing ribbon which works for you.
    Bye for now and speak again soon,


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