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Aug 4, 2007

Only 24 Hours...

It is about 24 hours until I unveil the next YUMMY ribbon share.

I am WAY excited about this ribbon! I thought I would tease you with a few more hints:

1.) If you are in the current solid grosgrain share, you can add all the ribbon you want from the upcoming share for no additional shipping! :)

2.) If you like sheer dots, you can "add on" only the new 4 colors OR get all 16. :)

3.) One type is striped with white.

4.) One type has a little sparkle!

5.) One type is stitched... with a stripe in the middle. :)

6.) Yet one more is striped and there are only 3 types.

7.) There are 7 "new" ribbons you'll want. 215 yards combined of pure ribbony yumminess!

8.) Although I only have a specific number of share spots that can be mailed out on Monday, I will take sign ups for additional ribbon and place another order. :)

Check back later today for a sneak peek. :)


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh,more! Yippee.
    Do you have pricing yet Jody?
    Count me usual. LOL!
    I got home from holiday JUST in time. :-)


  2. Count me in for this one too!! :)


  3. I'd like to be included too. I'll send paypal when you have updated with prices.


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