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Aug 15, 2007

Ribbon Share Updates

Hi all! :)

I sent out several packages of 5/8 inch only grosgrain as well as the full shares of solid grosgrain today. YAY

I sent out an e-mail to each person that I shipped to today.

I also got 2 LARGE boxes of May Arts today. I have it unpacked and will be begin cutting it tonight. The orders will go out in the order in which you joined. :)

I have another May Arts order in (placed Sunday night) and am waiting for that to be shipped.

There are a few of you who have not paid. You only have a few more days to get payment to me or I will have no choice but to give away your spot.

I do have a few more spots in most types of ribbon available still. :)

Off to get tangled...


  1. Wow Jody I have just found your blog. Luvin it....cause I love ribbon too! I have written a post about you on my blog, subscribed to your blog and can't wait to join your next ribbon share!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Wow Jody,
    This sounds like the best event! What a wonderful idea! Looks like they all had a blast. I like the concession stand, red carpet & how nice the movie manager was for your boxes! What a treat full of memories for your daughter! Chris


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