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Aug 27, 2007

School Stamping

My kids start school tomorrow morning. I decided this morning that I needed to make my daughter's elementary school teachers a small gift for the first day of school. Since I am SO excited about my new bind it all, I made them each a little notebook. :)
I will go into detail during a later post about HOW to use a bind it all as well as some useful tips. :)
Yes, I sewed on the front panels of the notebooks. LOL I simply can't stop. It is WAY easier than faux stitching and I just love the way it looks. I hope you are not getting bored with it. LOL
I used Infuse patterned paper from Basic Grey for the front panel and for covering the chipboard letter. I used my WONDERFUL new Heidi Swapp clear flowers (Thank you Marlene) and finished them off with a simple RSVP pen with matching paper rolled and inserted inside. It was a quickish and easy project to make and the girls will enjoy having something to greet their teachers with.
On Bailey's school supply list, she needed a clipboard. As soon as she saw the word clipboard she asked me if I could decorate one for her. :) That's my girl! LOL Of course I HAD to do it. :) Her favorite patterned paper is Blush by Basic Grey. She knows it by name and can point out cards in the gallery that have used it. LOL She even has a 6 X 6 Blush pad of paper that she bought at the LSS. :) I made the clipboard very flat without embellishments on the writing surface since I think they will actually be USING it for it's intended purpose. LOL I didn't want anything to interfere with her school work, so beside the ribbon tied to the clip, there is no frill on it. LOL She loves it and is excited to use it. :)
Have a wonderful day and I hope all you other Moms that have kids going back to school tomorrow have a smooth and happy morning. :) I am hoping for smiles and no tears! (that includes my hubby and I LOL)


  1. These are beautiful!

  2. Hey Jody!
    My youngest daughter started school today and I was all but in tears being that this is her first year of High School (9th gr). Good luck with that tomorrow! LOL
    I must say I really REALLY love the notebooks you made for the teachers....especially the "W" one! hehe Nice job as always! Have a wonderful day!

  3. These are totally awesome albums.
    Very eye-catching!

  4. Did you use paper or paint the top part of the clipboard? I always hate having to cut around the metal (I can't get it to look very good) and your looks perfect!

  5. These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

  6. Oh wow, these are just gorgeous!

  7. Beautiful projects. I'm working with the same Basic Grey paper tonight :)



    Good luck with the school schedule (does it mean more stampin time for mama?)

  9. Gorgeous projects! Look forward to learning more about the Bind It. I don't have one yet but think I see one in my future!

  10. I had to comment on these. They are fantastic. The papers are perfect. And yes, please tell us how you did the clipboard. Did you paint it or paper it? Great job on all three projects. I still have one more week before school starts here. Ugh.

  11. How domestic and cute are you? These are them! And I'm not tired of the stitching...I'm doing the same thing!

  12. These are very cool, Jody! What lucky teachers!! (Love the stitching!)

  13. These are soooo cute !!! TFS !
    Where did you get the pens ?

  14. Jody your work is AMAZING!! I luv your blog and would like to link u up to mine it that is okay. found u on spitcoast (I am mostly a lurker) Thanks for sharing your talent!!

  15. The pens came from Walmart. They are Pentel RSVP pens. I like the inscrew the bottom, then slip a piece of paper in them that is 3 1/4 X 1. :)

    Thanks for reading. :)

  16. Wow, your notebooks are absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to get a bind it all!


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