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Sep 18, 2007

Another one for the "set"

L to R: Nathan 13, Bailey 10, Madeline 7

As you may have noticed I am a "set" stamper. Once I have chosen colors, I tend to make several cards in the same color scheme/theme/stamp set. While I have everything out for the color combo, I like to make several cards (2 or more) using everything while it is out. I feel it more efficient (I am a BIG multitask-er) and why take out all that stuff to just make one card? I almost *never* make more than one of a card either. That is boooooooring to me. I may change up the layout a little, choose different embellishments or change the cards in other ways to make them all one of a kind. You should try it. :) You get a lot more accomplished without having to change wavelengths constantly. :)

My daughter, Bailey is turning 10 today! She REALLY appreciates hand stamped cards and LOVES to stamp so I decided to make her a special card. :)

A funny story about Bailey: a couple days ago she made a card. It was heart alphabet stamps on glossy white card stock and she had blurred her stamping a bit. To cover it up, she drew around each heart with a marker. She came to me and asked me if her card was nice. Of course I told her it was. She looked at me, squinted her eyes and said, "MOM, you KNOW this card is ugly!! Why did you say it was nice, MOM this card is NOT nice. I am throwing it away!" LOL She is very hard on herself when she stamps. I am proud of her for her quality control. LOL Silly girl!

I made sure not to blur any of my images and I hope it's up to par for her. :)


  1. I am totally a set stamper also!! I stamp about 5-7 cards in the same color scheme! Your card is gorgeous, as are the kiddos!!

  2. What a beautiful b-day card!!!!

  3. Love the pic of the kids, they are just adorable! Happy Birthday to Bailey, hope she loved the card. It is a GREAT birthday card.

  4. ahhhhh love the picture of your cutie pie's! They are getting so grown up looking to me! Love Bailey's birthday card too! You have trained her well....future stamping star!

  5. So cute!! Happy Birthday, Bailey! I'm sure she'll love this!

  6. Wow, just love this card...especially the flower and how you have it popping off the page. Okay, well not popping...let's just say it looks like it is growing off the card. Silly sounding I know...but it does look like it did. Okay, enough rambling from me...tata for now :)!

  7. Awww...Happy birthday, Bailey!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Bailey!!!! The big "10" yippie. Great pic love the cards...

    Hugs Ty & Sue

  9. Love that story about your daughter; sounds like she's a pro already!

    I thought I was the only one who was a "set" stamper (and I didn't know it had a name! Or think to give it one...) I always felt guilty for sticking in the same colour scheme, but now you've cured me. It's all in the way we look at i,hey? Now I am a proud "multi-tasker!" ;0) Mel

    P.S. a hot ribbon tip (that you probably already know, but just in case): to keep your ribbon from ever fraying just quickly run a lighter flame along the ends. (works great on most ribbon with any polyester content not on 100% cotton. And most S.U. ribbons have poly.) :0) Mel


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