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Oct 5, 2007

Ribbons and Trims review

I recently got the book Ribbons and Trims. It is a book that includes 100 ideas for personalizing your home. The author of the book is Annabel Lewis.

Can you believe there is a book about using ribbon in your home? And here I thought ribbon was only for hoarding and occasionally slapping on cards and scrapbook pages. LOL

I can definitely say that I gained inspiration for some card ideas through reading this book. After all, trends normally start in the clothing industry. Why can't I draw inspiration for cards from a home decorating book? :) I can use the techniques in this book on a smaller scale on cards as well as color combos etc.

There are ideas on techniques, furniture, pillows, bed linen, curtains, shades, blinds, lighting and MORE! I think I am going to try some ribbon weaving I saw in this book.

If you love ribbon as much as I do, check it out if you'd like. :)


  1. Now you'll have to see if there is a glitter and trims for the home book. hehe

  2. This book sounds great but I really wanted to say that your new profile picture is really great!
    Love the new do:)


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