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Oct 30, 2007


Before I get to today's post, let me thank you all for all your well wishes and sympathy. It is exactly what a grown woman who wipes out in the shower needs. LOL I am now moving around fine. I have a little but of residual pain in the neck (maybe because I am a pain in the neck) and my bruises are now lovely shades that resemble the colors of this paragraph. Yes, I tried the same "joke" twice. Did you laugh this time? NO???? Well! LOL

I know, I know. Stop groaning! Yes, I have been tagged. I *normally* don't "play" tag because I get side tracked, but I figured I have to play every once in a while right?

The rules state I have to tag other people, but... I am not going to play by the rules. :) LOL I'll divulge some info about me, but the buck stops here. :) I would love to read 7 interesting facts about ALL of you that read my blog though, so PLEASE feel free to divulge right here as a comment to this post. :) Sound good?

I was tagged by the wonderful Pam Varnell. :) She is a ribbon addict (as me how I know) and a fellow design team member of Starving Artistamps (link to the left). Here is her blog: She is an awesome stamper! :)

7 things about myself:

  • I am NOT a morning person. Only approach with protective gear on and even then, VERY cautiously. I have been known to growl, bark and occasionally bite. When my daughters wake me with the sound of bickering, I resemble one of those cartoon characters whose heads turn red and explode. Really? Why do we have to wake up in the morning? LOL
  • I don't have pets and don't understand them. Once, I was babysitting for my cousin at her house and was holding her baby. Her large American Bulldog kept coming over and "growling" at me. I begged my son to move the dog away from me. This happened at least 3 or 4 times. I was sure I was about to be attacked and have my face bitten off because I was holding her baby. Then it occurred to me that maybe the dog needed something. *light bulb* I asked Nathan (my son) to open the back door and the dog ran out. I was so proud of myself for "speaking dog". LOL
  • I am an excessive LOLer. I don't REALLY laugh that much, but feel the need to type LOL a crazy amount of times! LOL (LOL at the LOL)
  • When I find something (normally stamp related) for a GREAT deal I get a high! Really, like a euphoric, excited high. This has happened when I find ribbon half off, when I got Swarovski crystals for $1 a pack and when I visit Hobby Lobby and their paper packs and brads are on sale. :) (fighting the LOL urge)
  • I am a nail biter. It is something I have done since I was a wee little girl. I have tried to quit and I can't. So, if we ever meet... don't look at my hands. It is NOT a pretty sight. *shudders*
  • I am very sappy, sensitive and sentimental.
  • I suffer from motion sickness. I prefer to drive while in a car to avoid nausea, but if not I really need to sit in the front seat. In airplanes, I need the air blowing in my face on the descent. Roller coasters are not my friend. LOL I do go on them, but pay the price. *eww*
I am looking forward to reading 7 things about YOU. :)

Have a great day! HUGS!


  1. Too funny! I think there are a lot of us out there who get that high when we get a great crafty deal; unfortunately, like every other addiction (did I just admit that?), we have to come down from it (LOL!)

  2. Here's my tag list:

  3. random things about me? Well, let's see...

    *I stamp every single day in some way
    *I have road rage everyday on I-40
    *I have 2 tattoos
    *I am a texter and can go on for hours just texting back and's a sickness.
    *I love to eat weird things: dill pickles with candy canes stuck down the middle, grape soda mixed with orange juice, cotton candy and mt. dew, and so on..
    * I have to wash lunchmeat before I can eat it. I was it with hot water and then towel dry it.
    * I won't let my wet feet touch the ground. I have special shoes that I wear when getting out of the shower and will wear those until I can get socks on.

    Hmm..maybe some of those make me seem a little touched in the head if you know what I mean, but that's me!

  4. I am a TERRIBLE nail biter, too! I was just saying to some friends last night that my hands look like paws! We'll have to see whose are uglier when we finally get together in person! : )

  5. Hi Jody - I've made it to your blog :lol:

    We are kinda alike in some ways.

    * I'm not a morning person either!
    * I'm also a nail biter
    * I also love Hobby Lobby buys and get quite excited in there!
    * I also love ribbon, don't like any card I make without ribbon!!!

    * I do love pets, I have two dogs and two cats

  6. The part where you are explaining about you not being a morning person made me laugh. I'm am definately not a morning person. One morning half asleep I thought I was telling my son to go pick out an outfit. He kept saying what are you talking about. Me being half asleep and cranky kept saying GO PICK OUT AN OUTFIT. My daughter told my son, "Jacob just leave her alone, you are going to make her mad" this went on for a while. Come to find out, my daughter told me I kept telling him to go pick out a Stamp Set LOL. My poor 6 year old he must think I'm crazy! lol


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