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Oct 10, 2007

Who me? Embarrassed? NEVER!

L to R: Cyndi (cpw3431), Me (texasjodylynn), Kristin (Wasatch Wizard), Karen (gamblemom)

While I am on the subject of SLC, I thought I would share a little story with you. When I got to SLC, I called Cyndi and Kristin to let them know we (Karen and I) were at baggage claim and asked where they were. Apparently they were running a little late and were on their way to find us. I kept looking around for them. Imagine my surprise when I saw my friend Cyndi standing there holding a LARGE sign with MY picture on it!?!?! What a welcome! LOL People all around us were chuckling and staring. :)

I am sure you are looking at the picture and wondering what in the world I am doing! Right? Let me introduce you to my toothless blue tooth (named by my husband). Yes, that IS a telephone strapped to my head. :) I am a major multitasker and love chatting on the phone to friends. The problem is that my neck was in pain after trying to hold the phone with my shoulder while my hands were busy. SO... I grabbed one of my daughter's headbands, clipped it under the clip on my phone and my headset was born. This contraption has saved my neck AND I get to chat with my friends while cleaning, stamping, browsing SCS and just about anything else I do around the house. LOL You should try it, it works. LOL Now you are wondering why there is a picture of said contraption maybe? Well... I was trying to explain it to a friend so she could make her own, but she didn't get it. So.... I took a self-portrait of my head with blue toothless device attached. See what happens when you try to help a pal? She sends on picture to be used by fellow friends to embarrass me at the airport. :) It WAS funny though. :) Talk about starting off the gathering with hysterical laughter. :)


  1. Your blue tooth is Brilliant!!! I am so going to try that. Bye Bye speaker phone. Now I can emboss and talk! :0)


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