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Nov 11, 2007

A Card From a Not So Secret, Secret Sister

First, let me apologize for the ELF discount code blunder. You'd think if there is a link IN the e-mail that allows you to forward it to a friend, that the discount would actually WORK for those friends... but apparently not. *frown* I DO recommend that you register with the site though. They will send you codes rather frequently and every now and then there is a GREAT one available. You KNOW you need 47 lip glosses... right? LOL If you answered no, you must not have 7 and 10 year old daughters. *wink*

This card is from my "big sis", Carole. Carole and I are both in the DSS (Divine Secret Sibling) program on We were paired up for a 3 month period, but I figured her out about half way through. LOL

I think this card is SO SO SO cute! It uses Elzybells stamps. Isn't the girl pulling the sled the cutest? That font on the sentiment is SO cute too! *squealing*

With my card, Carole sent me some images of the stamps I don't have. Wasn't that sweet? And guess what? I actually used several of them today! YAY I can't wait to show you the cards I came up with!

Thanks Carole for sending me the card! If you want to see more of her awesome work, click here:


  1. Super cute card you received! What fun that would be paired up with someone and trying to figure out who it is! That was really nice to receive some stamped images too!

  2. what a sweet card! You're a lucky girl!! :D


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