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Nov 8, 2007


No, not the Santa type of ELF. This is the ELF that stands for Eyes, Lips, Face!

I just wanted to share a GREAT deal with you all. I have 2 daughters and they LOVE lip gloss. ELF sells just about all their products for $1 each. Even at Walmart I end up paying more than that for their lip gloss.

I got a GREAT coupon code today and officially started my Christmas shopping by buying them some lip gloss. LOL The code was good for $15 off ANY purchase. (Yes, even a $15 purchase). I *think* you'll need to pay shipping, but it's still a GREAT deal! There are other products on the site as well including mascara, eye shadow, brushes and more, but I personally have only tried the lip gloss.

There is also another promotion going on on the site. If you spend $25 you qualify for a free set of 5 lip glosses. So, I got 33 lip glosses (yes it is a lot, but there are different types and colors LOL) for a total of $19.95. That included my free "Holly" lip gloss set (look at the PROMO page-there are 3 sets available). My subtotal after the coupon code was $13 and shipping was $6.95. The wonderful thing about this is that I has $28 in my cart, then added the free gloss set, then was able to take $15 off also! Holy coupon double dipping! I LOVE a great deal!

They are FULL SIZED lip glosses and they are great! I have been using them also. (previous purchase)

Disclaimer: not affiliated with ELF products in any way. :) Just trying to help all the girly girls out there get a fix. LOL

If you've read this far and want the info... *EDITED TO ADD* Apparently the code was not forwardable. Sorry about that! Try to sign up on the site though. I get coupon codes quite often and I just wait for the really good ones and then use them.

And here is the link to the store:

Happy lip glossing.


  1. I shopped and then went to apply the code and it says no more funds left on the gift card :( Oh well!

  2. Same here:(
    Oh well:)

  3. cute site - never heard of them b4; perhaps we will get our own code by signing up? :-) thanks for letting us know though!


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