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Nov 17, 2007

Janome Sew-Mini One Day Sale

Hi all! Need to do some more Christmas shopping for yourself? :)

I just wanted to give you a heads up that the little Janome sewing machine that I use is on SALE now. YAY! It's a one day sale ONLY good for the 17th. It is on sale for $39.99 here:

There is also a code for free shipping on the homepage, but it is for purchases of $50 or more.

To bump up your order to receive free shipping, I would recommend that you add on some bobbins to your order. They are on sale cheap right now and you NEED to have the right bobbins. (ask me how I know this... LOL) I purchased some bobbins from Hobby Lobby confident that they would work and it said right on the package: not compatible with Janome. DUH! So, I had to purchase the bobbins at full price AND pay shipping. That was annoying! LOL The benefit to having many bobbins is having a choice of thread without having to unload one of the 3 bobbins that come with it and reload with the color you want. :) Also, I would rather have $10 more of stuff and get free shipping than pay $10 shipping and have no more stuff. :)

Now that I gave you a huge drawn out story about bobbins, here is a link to them:

Happy shopping and have a great day! :)

I have 2 cards to show you in a western theme, but I need to photograph them still, so stay tuned for those sometime later today. :)


  1. Ugh!!!
    I will not click that link, I will not click that link, I will not click that link - oh heck yes I will :)

  2. I went straight to hancocks and bought this machine. When I would hear you talk about your Janome I thought it was some fancy expensive machine. I'm really glad you posted this. I love this machine! Thanks,

  3. How do you get $39.99? I see $49.99 when I click the link.


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