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Nov 24, 2007

Snow for my Angels!

Madeline making a snow angel.
Bailey making a snow angel.
Bailey standing in the snow.
The view outside my back door. Our house backs up to the mountain. The pole is a light that lines the freeway.
A friend of the girls, Madeline and Bailey playing in the snow at the park.

Oh my goodness! :) Look at this! It's snow... in Texas... in EL PASO, TX. Home of the desert, cactus and DIRT! Seriously? LOL

I woke up at 9 am to shrieking from my girls. :) They saw SNOW and were SO excited! My hubby and I got up, got dressed and took the girls to the park adjacent to their elementary school. They pranced around, attempted a snowman and made snow angels. :) Note the capri pants on Madeline. LOL Apparently we don't know how to dress for snow in the southwest. LOL

I hope to take them again tomorrow morning and get some more pictures. My son was at a friend's house so I didn't get any pictures of him. :(

Have a great day!


  1. I am so jealous! If I could I woul;d hop on a plane for a visit just to play with you guys! I noticed the capri's and thought I was mistaken and her pants had just ridden up or something LOL

  2. I saw the carpis and was thinking of mentioning that they aren't normally worn in the snow. ;)

    Cute pics! I didn't realize you were in El Paso, David's aunt lives there! I have been there all of once. I'll tell him you got snow.

    Thanks for sharing the pics!

  3. BAH-haah!! The Capris were the FIRST thing I noticed!! hee hee Thats what my daughter would be wearing too!! hee hee

  4. Now, see, I've been in Texas so long that the capris didn't even register with me at all. My kids wear them all winter long. Glad you got some snow for the kids to play in!

  5. Oh, MY! Here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, we have no snow on the ground. . . Must be global warming. ;-D

  6. LOL! Great pics! I saw the capris and thought it was odd....but I find it more odd that you all own toques and a scarf...wouldn't have thought you'd need those! I guess you probably visit somewhere that you do need them. I'm way up here in Canada and NO snow for us yet ;) It's coming this week though! The kids look like they had a BLAST!

  7. Those pics are so adorable. I immediately noticed the capris on Madeline and had to laugh. Here in the great white north we wear long underwear and snow pants but it's still just as exciting to see that first snow. Enjoy!

    Barb in Alberta

  8. LOL at first I was like "What's the big deal?? It's just snow" - I forgot you were in TEXAS!! So ya that is a leetle out of the ordinary eh?? And heck you guys got more than we have up here in the middle of Saskatchewan!! My girlies would be so jealous if they knew!

  9. You lucky dog!! We had some big fat flakes on Thursday but nothing stuck. :(
    So glad they got to enjoy it!

  10. I was so stunned by the snow that I had to go back and check out the clothes. Snow? In Texas? It's so not fair! I live in NJ and all we have is rain. I am extremely jealous, make a snowman for me and tell your kids to enjoy it!

  11. I thought about you when I saw there was snow in El Paso, Jody! Glad your kiddos got to have some winter fun!

  12. How cool is that? Here in Chicago, it is a pretty common thing, and yet the first snow of the year is always exciting! Hope it lasts a little while so your kids can enjoy it a bit longer!

  13. Yipee....I guess they got a "snow day" off at school? Makes it look like the holidays early.

  14. jen del muro11/28/2007 8:28 PM

    HOW FUN!!!!

  15. All of you are welcome to come here anytime for a snowball fight. We have lots to share. Christina in Hamiota, MB Canada

  16. At times I miss the snow then I think of shoveling and I thank God I am in the southeast. Whats the next share you are having? I love my glitter

  17. So you had snow before we did! I LOVE your picture with the mountains in the background. I really like those mountains. They are so majestic. They are just there in the middle of flat land! Gorgeous!
    I'm sure your kids enjoyed the snow!


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