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Dec 16, 2007

Advent Calendar

Ummmmmm, what was I thinking? LOL This thing took me FORVER to complete. It's a little overwhelming with all the steps, plus I added a few. LOL Oh ya, I remember what I was thinking... these things are SO DARN adorable! :) I wanted a cute calendar for my kids to use in the coming years. Unfortunately, I didn't finish it until 10 days til Christmas so next year I will have some very cute ideas for the insides of the tins. This year, I opted for simple candy in each one. I had already gotten my daughters a Littlest Pet Shop advent calendar anyway, so I don't feel *as* guilty for not getting it done in a timely manner. LOL

I followed the directions that the fabulous Beate posted here:

I used the same patterned paper and basic idea that she did. I added a couple details:

  • I sewed each of the 24 squares together

  • I sewed the panel at the top together

  • I used Cuttlebug Red Tag Sale alphabet for my letters and numbers

  • I used Prima flowers with a clear button center for the sides of the title

  • I used silver brads in the corner of each square and the title

Other than that, everything is exactly the same. It does take quite a few man hours. :) There are lots of steps involved. None of them are *hard*, but I had stampers ADD and would work a little and them move on to something else. LOL

Hint: to make my red tape more sticky, I heated it prior to sticking my finished pieces on the canvas. They didn't seem to stick well without doing that first.

If I had to do it over again, I would make it again though. I really like it. If you haven't made one yet it's not too late! Just work on it now for next year. :)

I'm off to watch the Dallas Cowboys football game and work on some more Christmas gifties. :) I have a table set up in front of the big screen TV, so I should be able to get a lot done in the 3 hours that the game will be on. :)

Have a great rest of the weekend.

One more thing: have any of you been getting your feedblitz updates from my blog. I am not sure, but I don't think they have been going out. Thanks for letting me know.

One more, one more thing: LOL I would like to make a click-able link that does not look like a link KWIM? Can any of you give me directions for that? I want it to say something instead of being the long link. I can do it on SCS, but here on my blog, I am finding it more difficult. LOL Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


  1. What a great advent calendar! You have WAY more patience than I do to make something like this!

    To make a link. Type the word you'd like to use as a link. Copy your URL then highlight your word, click on the little world with a link at the top of your new post (or edit post) page and paste the URL into the box that pops up. Click on okay and you'll be all set. Clear as mud? You can e-mail me if necessary!

    Good Luck!

  2. Jody,

    I change the names on my links all the time. I copy the link where I want it. I then highlight the link and type the word I want. The disadvantage is that it can only be 1 word because as soon as you hit the space bar the link ends. Hope this helps!

  3. I love your calendar! The sewing really adds to it (and to the time!). I saw the link on another blog, too, and have bookmarked it. I hope to have it done before next year...

    As for the Dallas Cowboys... Waaaaahhh... sniff, sniff... 'nuf said. :-)

  4. Holy canoli this is great!

  5. WOW!! This is awesome!!

  6. OMGoodness girl - this is awesome!! I can't believe you did all that sewing! I 'may' attempt to make one for next year. :)


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