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Jan 8, 2008

Ribbon Update

Hi all! I miss my stamps. *sniff sniff*

I started a *job* late last week. It is a part time, seasonal type of job (TAXES), but it is cutting into my stamp time. LOL Who knew leaving my hubby and kids alone for several hours would cause me so much extra work. LOL I am going to make it a POINT to stamp tomorrow though! So, be ready. LOL

The ribbon has been ordered. I am still waiting on payment from several of you who signed up. Please send payment ASAP to secure your spot. I do have spots open for all ribbon types still! If you haven't signed up yet and still want to, there is still time. For details, see the previous post.

As soon as I receive the ribbon, I will get busy cutting and shipping it out.

Thanks to all who have joined.


  1. Oh darn! Sorry you are not getting the stamping time in which we all need ;) Hope you get a chance soon!
    Wish I could have gotten in on the ribbon share again but I'm off to Florida next month, so no spending right now ;)

  2. Welcome to the working world! LOL It does cause lots more work most of the time. Good luck on your new endeavour! :)

  3. Good luck with the taxes Jody! I do that too, but not this year. Although I may do some volunteer work for low-income folks to help them get their EIC. Looking forward to the ribbon.

  4. Oh I hope you get to stamp soon :D

  5. Hope you are getting more time to stamp this week. We have been sick, sick, sick around here over the past couple of weeks. So, no stamping here either. :-(
    I was able to get a couple SU sets mounted between coughing tho. LOL!

    Any news on the ribbon??



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