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Feb 24, 2008

History of Ribbon

I got a comment (question) a while back and finally had time to do some research. Here was the comment:

Robb_eeie has left a new comment on your post "Ric Rac Salad":

I adore your Ric Rac Salad :) What a wonderful way to present this gift ~ just displays even more, how much you care about this person :) And of course, I have to tell you, the colours of this Ric Rac ~~!!ROCKS!!~~ -{smile}-

OK Jody, now for my **Skill Testing Question** ! haaa Since you are the ~**RIBBON QUEEN**~, ((bowing to the Queen)) perhaps you could enlighten me as to why they call this ribbon, "Ric Rac"? Now stop your laughing and snickering, (LOL) but I'm always curious about stuff like this, especially if there is a history behind it. And since I too, L*O*V*E ribbon, I'm curious if you know the background of this "Ric Rac" product?And if for some WACKO-Weird reason you don't, then please do not waste a second thinking about it. :) Afterall, you'll soon be buried in Primas, and will need more hours then are in a day to count, pack and ship those babies!!! You are one crazy chic Miss Jody, but as I've said before, one with a huge, kind and generous heart :D

And here is my response to you: :)

First of all, thank you so much for the sweet comments. :) You are REALLY sweet! :) In case you are wondering, the person I sent the Ric Rac salad to loved it. :) YAY!

Now I am not sure where ric rac comes from, but I thought you might enjoy knowing the history of ribbon, so here is some interesting info I found in my search to answer your question:

Hope that *kinda* answers your question. :)


  1. Too many words and not enough pictures on that site...they should take notes from us. LOL I'll trust that ribbon isn't made from baby animals and love every piece of it for my very own!


    Here's some more info!


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