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Apr 21, 2008

Single Cupcake Box Instructions

Hi everyone! Thank you for all the sweet comments and e-mails about my cupcake box. Since I am getting so many e-mails asking for the dimensions, I decided to post them here on my blog. Using the pictures and written instructions, it should be pretty easy to figure out. If you have any specific questions, feel free to e-mail me.

These directions were copy pasted from my Word document and it didn't retain the formatting, but again, should be easy to figure out. If you make one of these, please link back to this post or send me an e-mail so I can check it out. :)

  • Cupcake Box:
    · Base of box: 10 ½ X 10 ½ score at 3 inches in on each side
    1. cut along score lines to create 4 flaps
    2. put adhesive on all 4 flaps and assemble box
    3. cut 4 pieces patterned paper to 4 ¼ X 2 ¾ and use to line box

  • · Lid of box: 8 x 8 scored at 1 11/16 (15/8 + 1 line)
    1. cut hole in lid using Curvy Cutter
    2. cut acetate large enough to cover hole in lid
    3. adhere acetate inside lid
    4. cut 4 pieces patterned paper to 4 ½ X 1 9/16 (1 ½ + 1 line) and adhere to outer flaps of box
    5. cut along score lines and create 4 flaps
    6. put adhesive on all 4 flaps and assemble lid

  • · Insert for box: 6 ½ X 6 ½ scored at inch in on each side
    1. cut a “wedge” out of each corner of the insert. You will be cutting out the entire square on each corner, plus a little more on each side to create a V shape on each corner.
    2. Using a ruler and pencil, draw an X on the WRONG side of the insert (the underside). Use a paper piercer to poke a hole in the center of the X.
    3. Using the paper pierced hole as your guide, cut a 2 ¼ inch circle out the center of your insert using Curvy Cutter
    4. Place insert in box

  • · Stamp cupcakes and color. Cut out each cupcake and use as embellishments for the top of the box. Reserve one small colored cupcake for side of lid.

  • · Stamp sentiment and use Nestabilities to die cut an oval. Adhere to rim of lid and embellish with cut out cupcake.

    You can use the box for a single cupcake OR use a cupcake liner filled with a gift for unique packaging idea.

RIBBON SHARE UPDATE: Ribbon is shipping out to me today. :) YAY! Should have it in about a week (crossing my fingers that I will have it by Friday).


  1. Cool Jody! I'm gonna have to try this soon!

    BTW...I'm curious about your next ribbon share. What's the "deets" on that?

  2. This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! Can't wait to give it a try!

  3. Your stamping is lovely! Really some of the best I've seen, not that I'm an expert!

    I just found your page and you have a lovely blog!

  4. Yea! Thanks for sharing! I was thinking that this would be great for a birthday dinner at a restaurant or something...put a b'day cupcake inside and you're ready to go!


  5. WOO HOO Thanks for the info... Gonna give it a shot when DH goes back to work.
    Thanks Jody..


  6. Just wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing this tutorial...

  7. Super idea!! :D Love this, and those cupcakes are too cute. Thanks for sharing!

  8. JODY! You are amazing!!! This is awesome!! Thanks for the directions! You rock!

  9. You are rocking this Basic Grey Cupcake -- you look AWESOME in bright colors!! Can't believe we're going to see each other in less than two weeks -- woo-hoo!! : )

  10. SO Awesome! Thank you so much. This was so helpful that I already made some boxes of my own!

  11. These are just Super Cute!! Thanks for the wonderful directions!!!

  12. This is really cute! I've been browsing on your blog for half an hour now! It would be too long for me to leave a comment on every post I find fantastic! So I just want to tell you I find you are doing amazing stuff! Thank you so much for sharing!

  13. Where do you come up these ideas, they are great! So adorable, great job. Thanks again for sharing:)

  14. Hi !
    Just wanted to say that your Cupcake box is amazing !! i'm absolutely in live with this stamp (we r in israel r so behind at scrap supply ...) !! Your blog is extremely pretty, i enjoed seeing all your stamp work.
    Have a nice day !!

  15. This is just FABULOUS!
    Passing on an award to YOU ~

  16. WOW! One heck of a colorful awesome cupcake box! You are such a sweet cupcake to share this one! Thank you! Have a happy day! Deb

  17. oh i was just working on my cupcake box but had a question...after you cut the 4 flaps how did you adhear them together?

    2. put adhesive on all 4 flaps and assemble box

    Im stuck HELP! hehe thanks!

  18. OHHHHH I think I got it haha! I looked a the box again and read and I get it thanks haha! I'll let you know what I get mine up on my blog...I'm gonna teach the cupcake box to my TAC girls next Sunday :o)

  19. I couldn't get the lid to come out either - but I did my best! Here's mine:


  20. Have I told you lately that you ROCK? You really really really really ROCK!!! This is WAY too cute, :O)

  21. Your box is great! thx for sharing! it's on my to do list

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