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May 5, 2008

Arlington, TX Shoebox Swap

This past weekend, I went to a shoebox swap in Arlington, TX! I had a BLAST meeting new friends and putting faces to some fab ladies I have been corresponding with by e-mail for so long!

There were 45 card swappers there as well as some awesome helpers that made the event run SO smoothly! Thank you to everyone who attended! It was SO great meeting all of you and I can't wait until the next time!

Kim (the GENIUS behind My Favorite Things Stamps) and I
Jen (genie1314) and I
Me and Susan (susiestampalot)
Karen (gamblemom) and I
Me and Kendra (scrapstampindiva)

Jessica (knightrone) and I
me and Shannan (steubner)
Me and Jenn (jbalcer)
Carole (trucarma) and I

My shoebox swap card. It was supposed to be a ten minute card. *snicker snicker*
My shoebox swap card, name tag and "table decoration". Everyone was supposed to take a pack of gum as a giftie. I don't think they did. LOL Look at all that gun that is left!
A close up of my name tag. The grey piece is popped up.
This is the door prize that I won. It was from Cammie! Thank you, Carolyn!
This is a gift from Karen (gamblemom). She was my room mate (and is a great friend) and we exchanged a gift. :)

We went to THREE stamp/scrapbook stores and this is ALL I bought while we were there! WOW! LOL I wish there would have been more to choose from!

I wish I would have taken more pictures! I met so many more amazing women!
Next time... :)


  1. Jody, I love your new profile photo! Gorgeous!

  2. It was awesome getting to meet you!! Loved your swap and I promise, I took my gum!!LOL

  3. Wow, looks like you had a nice time with the girls! What fun getting together like that! Great swap stuff too! Your stamps you got from Hero Arts are that Sweet one ;)

  4. Look at all those great pictures!! You must have had an awesome time!!
    Love your new stamps too!!

  5. Great pics!!! It was SO AWESOME to meet you in person!! I don't think that those stores had a lack of stock, just a lack of stock of things that you don't have. LOL! Big Hugs-Jd

  6. Kim came to Texas!?! Ain't she awesome!?!?! You guys need to come back to Virginia!!! But I want to come to TX, too!!! Sounds like you had a blast!!!
    Sherri aka sherristampsalot

  7. ***WAVING*** HI!!!!! I wish I'd been there!!! What fun!

  8. Hey Jody!! Boy am I missing everyone already. Sigh. I had such a great time and am even more in awe of you!

  9. Wow, look at all of those celebs. It sounds like you gals had a great time! Your card and nametag are gorgeous Jody! I love the color combo.

  10. What fabulous pictures! Thanks for sharing! LOVE your projects. . I'm sure everyone LOVED created them!

  11. Girl, we didn't get a picture together! Oh well, it was fabulous seeing you again and thanks so much for sharing all your talent and cool tools . . . I talked about your piercing templates on my blog today (after 5pm). Hugs!

  12. You are a GENIUS!! Both Melanie M. and Sharon H. have been showcasing your AMAZING idea to use plastic canvas as a template for piercing. Thanks for that GREAT idea :)

  13. Jody it was sooooo awesome getting to see you - I wish we could have spent more time together! There's always next year! Hugs to you! Oh and I am getting in on the next "sticky" sale! :)



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