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Jul 7, 2008


Hi ribbon lovers!

It is once again time to indulge ourselves with NEW May Arts ribbon! YAY! These are from the latest release of ribbon from May Arts! The fuzzy dot is a fun and funky fresh new ribbon from May Arts. It is SO SO cute! The new stitched satin is a new play on a timeless favorite. The stitching adds a whole new feel to the more elegant wide satin ribbon.

It has long been anticipated and the time is here... finally! :)
You may add these to your JULY STICKY SALE ORDER HERE for $2 additional shipping. Orders over $100 ship FREE!
  • 3/8" Fuzzy Dot ribbon
  • 10 colors
  • 2 yards of each color
  • 20 yards total
  • $22
  • fun and funky fresh! :)
  • colors included are: burgundy with red dots, olive with sage dots, brown with pink dots, gold with celery dots, bittersweet with orange dots, brown with gold dots, brown with ivory dots, turquoise with aqua dots, black with lavender dots, rust with ivory dots


  • 1" stitched wide satin ribbon
  • 15 colors (picture shows 13, you WILL get 15 colors)
  • 3 yards of each color
  • 45 yards total
  • $22
  • colors include: navy, ivory, black, red, olive, pink, seafoam, fuchsia, burgundy, orange, brown, light blue, electric blue, violet and lemon


  • For ribbon lovers who just need MORE! Use it on your swaps, or just hoard it. :)
  • If you would like a full spool of any ribbon above, please contact me for price list.
  • I can ship it with your share order for no additional shipping cost.
  • If you would like a full spool of any other ribbon from a past share, please contact me with description and I will send you a price.
  • I can ship it to you with your share order for no additional shipping cost.

US shipping will be a flat $6 for any amount of ribbon ordered. US buyers: insurance is optional at your cost. I will not be responsible for packages once they are shipped.

Canadian shipping will also be a flat $6. international: contact me for shipping rates. International buyers: buy at your own risk. Postal wait times may be long.

Fine print: yardage is approximate. Color substitutions (or double color) may be made due to back order situations. Every effort is made to be as precise and accurate as possible.

No fee for paypal! Paypal is preferred! It's quick and easy! If you need help or would like me to send you an invoice please e-mail me at .

Ready to jump in? Send total amount and DETAILED note about exactly what you are ordering to my paypal address: If you do not know how to use paypal or are having a difficult time, e-mail me at that address and I will send you an invoice that will make it easier to send payment. :)

If you would like to pay by check or money order please contact me at with the details of which share(s) you would like to join. I will hold your spot and send you my mailing address.

As always, I will keep you updated throughout the process on my blog and/or e-mail. Shipping time may vary based on shipment from manufacturer, but I will move quickly once I have received the products to lessen your wait time. Thanks in advance to anyone joining! If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at the address listed above. Thank you and happy ribbon day! :)

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