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Jul 24, 2008

My Girls LOVE Little Tees!

Yesterday, I shared my story with you of my girls and their very different tastes. There is one thing they have had in common the past several days: They LOVE the Little Tees set! They are SO cute in the stamp room adorning their tee shirts! They worked in there for several hours the other day. I was thinking they were working on ONE tee shirt. Imagine my surprise when I went to check on them (I was asked to leave the room since they wanted to make something for me and didn't want me to peek) and they had each made several shirts! *proud mommy moment* When they were done, they proudly showed off their creations and each presented me with a tee shirt made just for me. :) Awwwwwwwww!

Madeline's tee shirt to me was stamped with "super mom". Those are 2 different stamps and she did SUCH a good job of lining them up! The tee shirt is colored with Copic markers. YES, I let them use my Copic markers. I think I deserve some sort of award for that. :) She cut the tee shirt out and then added a detail that I think is ADORABLE! She added fringe to the sleeves of the shirt! See how she made many little cuts in them? SO CUTE!

Bailey's tee shirt for me was stamped with "U ROCK mom". Awwwwww! Those are 3 different stamps, although I kept U ROCK together when I trimmed my stamp set. She colored the sleeves with Copics and cut it out. SO CUTE!

Again, I will say that I think this set is SO clever and you KNOW you need one! :)
You can purchase the set HERE! It is only $19.95 for the set of 37 stamps! It is already mounted to cling cushion, so all you have to do is trim the stamps and start stamping. :)


  1. wow, they went to town!! I'm glad to see it's so kid friendly! Need to post my pics of J working on his :)
    that fringe is wild, i love it!!

  2. PS you can let them try the bold stamp (it's a 2step with the line image) instead of coloring if your Copics need a break LOL! The easist way to ge it lined up is to peek under and line up the points on the collar then press down!

  3. Oh Jody, your girls are wonderful! You should be proud of them! Tell them I said they both did excellent jobs! They can come visit and help Troy stamp (Cause I get a bit impatient.) *eye roll*

  4. Your girls did a great job! Their shirts are fabulous!! I know my little one will be ALL over this set when I get it in hands! :-)

  5. OMGosh this is so cute, seeing your girls stamping, coloring. They did a fabulous job Jody, you must be so proud!!

  6. OK, I'm just TOO hooked on this set! You had me yesterday with your pics and story about your girls, but today's blog just sent me over the line, so OF COURSE I had to visit AND buy the set!! I hope it comes TOMORROW!!!!
    Thanks for the great blog!

  7. How fun! This set seems to be *PERFECT* for teeny boppers. I think it's neat you let your girls use your copics. I let my two year old use my aqua painters, ink pads, and even my stamping adhesive. . .it just shows we love our kids more than our supplies :)

  8. How sweet of them...and of deserve a HUGE award...I don't think I could do it!!!

  9. That is just so cute Jody! You have the sweetest kids!!!


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