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Sep 15, 2008

Want Some Warm Fuzzies?

You know what I mean right? That warm fuzzy feeling you get when you do something nice for someone else? Something you don't HAVE to do, but do because you want to... and the end result is not only a good deed done, but a special prize for yourself... THAT is what I call WARM FUZZIES!

I was asked by the creative team director of AMuse, Julie Ebersole, to help spread the word about a VERY worthy fundraising event. Once, I got over the shock I sent a reply saying, "I'M IN!" I am all for helping in the small ways I can for charity. We are not a huge income household. I am a stay at home mom and I have three kids... enough said? So when an opportunity arises for me to help... I DO IT!

Last year, Linda Carnell, owner of A Muse Artstamps, designed a calendar to raise funds for Scleroderma Research, an illness her mother suffers from. I did donate to that last year. It was only a couple dollars out of my pocket and I wanted to help! The project was so successful, that she was determined to expand the variety of calendars, and find another great cause to support!

In honor of Victoria Nelson, an avid fan of A Muse, who is undergoing treatment for Hodgkin’s Disease, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this year’s calendar will benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

This year’s Calendar features 16 months and includes Sept 2008 through December 2009. It also includes a perpetual calendar which is great for keeping track of birthdays and anniversaries. The calendar has been designed in a square format as well as an A2 format (1/4 sheet of card stock). (Oooooooo I just saw they added a NEW 4 Bar format and guess who just donated and got the third version of the calendar? Meeeeee!) A girl needs options you know?

There are THREE donation levels per calendar. The minimum donation is $4 per calendar, but, there is also an option to donate $10 or $20 for each version.

We hope people will enjoy stamping these calendars as fun projects and gifts for friends and family, while contributing to a great organization at the same time!

Last year, there was a great response to the calendar and a nice amount was donated to Scleroderma Research, but this year AMuse would like to do MORE! Cancer is a disease that has touched so many of our lives at one time or another. Please take a moment to honor those who have to fight cancer and donate a small amount. $4... or $10... or $20... it's a small amount, but if we stampers band together and donate just a little bit each it will add up to a LOT of help for a worthy cause! If only a portion of you that come to my blog daily were to donate even just $4 and get ONE version of the calendar we would match what was fund raised last year. What an awesome thought that is! SO... do YOU want warm fuzzies?

You can choose between the A2 Calendar OR the Square Calender... OR the 4 Bar Calendar OR you can go BIG and get all of them. Again, for a minimum donation of $4 each, you will be able to get the download for the calendar and donate to a worthy cause. Confession: Last year I donated and didn't even USE the calendar... and I am totally ok with it. :) This year though, I used them and I am in LOVE! I cannot wait to make more projects using the calendars! I know what I am giving for Christmas presents! :)

You can check out more information about this fundraising event over on the A Muse blog HERE.

I have made several projects with the calendars and will be sharing them throughout the day today. :) You'll find FIVE projects posted! I will post one every TWO hours. So check back at 8, 10, 12, 2 and 4. :) That is mountain time. I have been BUSY coming up with lots of different ways to use these fantastic calendars. :) Check back often for ideas to use with your new calendar downloads. :) OK, enough blabbing from me! GO GET FUZZY!

Click HERE to check out my 8:00 AM creation!

Click HERE to check out my 10:00 AM creation!

Click HERE to check out my 12:00 PM creation!

Click HERE to check out my 2:00 PM creation!

Click HERE to check out my 4:00 PM creation!

There are links all throughout this blog post directing you to the calendars, but here they are one more time! Click below to donate/purchase your calendar.

I want to donate and receive the A2 format, 16 month calendar and perpetual calendar!

I want to donate and receive the square format, 16 month calendar and perpetual calendar!

I want to donate and receive the 4 Bar format, 16 month calendar and perpetual calendar!


  1. Hi Jody :) I love your samples and can't wait to see more! How wonderful that you are taking part in this. It's a great way for everyone to help a worthy cause...and be able to share it through a beautiful creation.

  2. Jody, these designs are so stinkin fun!!! Love them! Thank you for participating in this project!!!

  3. JODY! How awesome are these? Just as awesome as you are! I hear you're coming to Austin. I hope to see you sometime that weekend! :) Many hugs for playing along with us!

  4. Jody - OMG!!! You are the queen of the calendar!! I just love what you have done with these! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome ideas!!

  5. Um, holy CRAP, girl. Do you ever do anything part way?? You're AMAZING. AMAZING, I say!

  6. Um, Jody-girl? I do believe I had stamp-gasms as I viewed each one of these . . . Girl, you are AMAZING! These are OUTSTANDING! You are the bestest, and I thank you so very much for your time and great talent! *smooches* Jules


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