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Oct 12, 2008

Where Have You Been?

This picture is from us walking TO the stadium before the game!
This picture was taken during warm ups. I used my ZOOM feature. The Cowboys were warming up on the opposite side of the field than we were sitting.
This is a picture from our seat before the same started. Check out how close to the tunnel we are. The cheerleaders come in and out of those tunnel throughout the game. The players use tunnels on the opposite side of the field.
Here is a picture of the field from our seats. We were in row 20 (which is actually row 13 since the rows start at 7).
Here I am AFTER the game. It is the ONLY picture I have of myself at the game so there you have it! Hair in my face, makeup melted off during the game. LOL

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When I start getting those "where in the world are you" e-mails, I know I need to get my bootie in gear and post to my blog. LOL Sorry for my 10 day absence. I had big plans for the weekend of the 4th and I have been playing catch up since. :)

In case you are curious... I had the opportunity to go to the Austin SCS shoebox swap on the 4th. If you know me... you know I am a HUGE procrastinator. I wait until the last minute for everything. Partially because I am just a procrastinator and partially because if I do it early I will too much time to obsess over it and will probably change it anyway. Welcome to my world! *eye roll*

So, on the 1st and 2nd I was frantically trying to get my shoebox swap done, my door prize, a gift for my hostess (Karen-gamblemom) and trying to pack. On the night of the 2nd I drove to El Paso to drop my 3 munchkins off with my mother in law where they stayed while my Hubby and I travelled by plane on Friday morning to Austin, TX to attend the SCS gathering. NO, my hubby did not go to any stamping events. LOL Karen's hubby entertained him and they even had a manly outing (shooting). The actual shoebox swap was on Saturday and it was a blast. I didn't take a single picture... OOPS! *smacks self on forehead*.

On Sunday, my hubby and I drove to Dallas (in our newly acquired used vehicle-thank you Karen). That day, we went to watch the Dallas Cowboys VS Bengals football game. It was SO SO fun! I nearly melted in the sun, but it was well worth it. I actual enjoy watching the Cowboy games every Sunday so it was a treat to be able to see them IRL. YAY! I can't wait to go back! That night we stayed at a hotel and then left super early Monday morning to make the drive home. By then we missed the kids so much we were just ready to get home.

We got home LATE Monday night and this past week I have been exhausted. That is where I have been. :) Anyone want to come help me get caught up on laundry? LOL

Next, I will show you what I made for the shoebox swap.

*FYI* Sticky sale and ribbon share coming on October 15th! I will be offering FOUR new sticky products in addition to the currently available line AND 2 new ribbons! YAY
Coming next: Where Have You Been Part II


  1. Looks to me like you have been one busy girl! Sounds like so much fun and a SCS shoebox swap to boot! I think I read where Libby went to that one...wondering if it is the same one??! I am lovin the sticky I bought during your last share! I am going to a shoebox today and taking it with me!

  2. Ack, I am so jealous! We are HUGE Cowboy fans, but living in Cali we don't really get to see them play IRL. We did once, but not my 10yo who is anxiously waiting for them to come our way!!! Sounds like you had a BLAST!

  3. HI!!!! (waving!!!) lol

  4. LOL...GREAT to see you Jody!!!
    I love going to sporting events like that! Although we don't have NFL here in Canada I do watch it on TV! Sounds like you have been super busy but doing FUN stuff!


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