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Feb 14, 2009

Designer of the Month: SFYTT

Sorry for my absence this past week. I am sick with a BAD cold and let's face it... who wants to STAMP when they are sick? Not me. LOL Poking my ears out with a screwdriver sounds good though. LOL Do you ever get that feeling when you have a massive cold? Moving on from my whining...

Last week I failed to mention that I am Jen Del Muro's Guest Designer of the Month. :) I will be participating in her SFYTT (Sketch for you to try) every Saturday for the month of February. I LOVE her sketches and it has been fun playing along. :)

I posted a little snippet of my card here, but if you want to see the whole thing, you'll need to click on over to Jen's blog to check it out. It's against the rules for me to post it here and you KNOW how I am about rules. heehee

While you're at it, you might want to check out my card from last Saturday's SFYTT here.
Jen also links the creations from her SFYTT team, so make sure you check out all the eye candy!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! I will be *hopefully* be sleeping off this horrible cold for much of mine.



  1. OH, sorry to hear you are sick, too! I have strep and FINALLY on the upswing from it! My oh so generous kids gave it to me!

    I am headed to see your card!

    GET WELL!!!!!!!!!! Nicole xoxo

  2. Oh my oh my I just came from Jen's blog...this card is GORGEOUS!!!! And girl, get better soon. ((hugs))

  3. Cute flower! I know what it is like to have such a bad cold. I hope you feel better soon. I found vicks shower tabs that helps me breathe a little better. I got my order. Thanks.

  4. Just came from Jen's blog - your card is stunning. The colours and details are fabulous.

  5. Am off to see your card. Thank heavens, I'm over my cold---hoping you will be soon, too. I totally sympathize with your way to clear your ears! lol Love your work---you provide lots of inspiration for me.
    Gail S.

  6. Hi Jody :) Congratulations on being the guest designer over at Jen's Blog, your sample is beautiful!!

    Get better soon! Hugs, Jennifer :)

  7. Love your card over on Jen's site, Jody! So glad to have you doing the sketchs this month! (I'm more than a little intimidated, too.)Feel better!!!

  8. This little snippet of your card is beautiful. On my way over to see the whole thing.

  9. So sorry you are sick! Bleck! I love your card for the SFYTT challenge! You did such a great job! I am so excited that you are the guest designer this month! You always amaze me with your creations! Get well soon!


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