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Mar 26, 2009

Digital Girl gets Sassy!

Today Digital Girl is getting sassy! LOL This sentiment "Byte Me" is part of a "twisted" stamp set from MFT called Twisted Too (not for the faint of heart, click at your own risk LOL). :)

I used an SU background stamp that looked "officey" (new word). I stamped it in white craft ink. Then, I decided to carry on with the office theme and use my spiral notebook punch. I rubbed my fingers up and down the punched area to make it look more realistic. There is something that is REALLY bothering me about the punch though... can you spot it? Let's make this an official Jody rule, so I can fill you in on the faux paux!
  • When using a border punch, start in the MIDDLE of the paper and move outward. This will ensure that your punched areas end up at the same place on both ends. This is especially important when using a scalloped border punch. If you have a full scallop on one end and a half scallop on the other end, it will draw your eye away from the flow of the card.

Of course, this only applies when it is POSSIBLE to start in the middle. The SU spiral punch is designed to start at the end and move only in one direction. It is PERFECT for lining up, but not so perfect for centering the punched area. There is a new notebook punch by EK Success that is a true border punch and will allow you to center and then punch. A friend bought it for me and is bringing it to the next class! YAY! If you are looking for an easy way to center things, there is a centering ruler sold at Michaels for about $3. I use it all the time!

The next layer up is stamped with a grid background stamp in white craft. The sketch came from an SCS sketch challenge. The image is colored with Prismacolor pencils and blended with odorless mineral spirits. My blue shadow went a bit wild, but what else can you expect from a digital girl who says "Byte Me"? LOL

Have you noticed I often use Versamark or white craft for my background layers? When working on your background layers, you want them to be interesting so that as the eye moves around, you find new and exciting parts to the card, but you don't want it to SCREAM "look at me instead of the Byte Me Digital Girl". KWIM? If I had stamped the background stamps in dark brown, it would look obnoxious. Let's make that a rule, although it is a loose one. SOMETIMES it's ok to use a dark background, but I would say 80% of the time, you should go subdued.

  • When working with background layers, go subtle with your stamping. Use Versamark or white craft to make it interesting, yet not over-powering. Of course, as with everything else, if you try something dark and it looks good, roll with it. :) The focus of this rule is: keep your focal point on your focal image. The background should look good, but not be the first thing you are drawn to.

I finished it off with a fun corduroy button from SU. See that pink button with the linen thread tie in it? That was an invention of necessity. AFTER I had tied on the button, I realized it had SILVER holes. UGH! I had already used copper brads and mixing metals is a NO NO. SO... I had to find a tiny enough button to layer in there and cover the silver holes. :) Yes, I am serious, and YES I am uptight. It is what it is, KWIM? But, again it IS a Jody Rule:

  • Avoid mixing metals on your card. If you use copper brads, you DON'T want to use a corduroy button that has silver holes. IF you do... cover up said silver holes with a mini button. :) OH and don't forget to THREAD the button with something. :)

I hope you all are having a GREAT week!

See you back soon!


Stamps: digital girl (currently sold out), SU background, CHF BG, Twisted Too

Ink: white craft, palette brown

Paper: white, chocolate, creamy caramel, pretty in pink

Accessories: ribbon, copper brads, buttons, linen thread, word window punch, Prismacolor pencils, odorless mineral spirits, blending stumps, red line dimensionals, spiral punch


  1. This is gorgeous! I love the colours and all the subtle details!

  2. Love the colors and thanks for the tips! Always so helpful :)

  3. Love the colours & the sentiment! Fantastic card!!

  4. Gorgeous card Jody! Each time I reach for a button, I think of you ;) No nakedness happening on my cards :)

  5. That sentiment cracks me up! A good way to start the day. And yep, that dumb ole punch drives me crazy, too, I usually start bigger and cut it down so it's centered. I guess I need to look into that EK one...:)

  6. This is a fabulous looking card, and I like your advice, Jody. I've probably been goofing all this time on the designer paper. Gosh, I hope not! I think I'm okay on the mixing of metals, though. I enjoyed reading your post!

  7. Your card is gorgeous!!

  8. Great tips! I'm with you...the contrasting metal would have driven me crazy!!! It's a good kind of uptight!!!! :)

  9. Hi Jody! Love the cards! I've missed a lot and hoping to get back into groove of things!
    Gotta love the sentiment :)

  10. Great card Jody. Love the layout and those horizontal strips.

  11. I know have a Jody said Notebook.... Just added these rules... I tell ya I'm stalkin and tryin to learn.... :)

  12. Fabulous Jody, love the sentiment!!

  13. Cute, cute, cute!! Love what you did with the button(s)!

    Do you have all those rules written in one place? Maybe you can make a separate page we can click on to see them all together? :) (You know I love them!)


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