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May 19, 2009

MFT Blog Hop: We'll Change the Way You Gift!

Hi and welcome to the MFT Blog Hop! As you may have noticed, we have a common theme tonight:

Fill Your Jar!

MFT's stamp set release tonight (NOW) will change the way you gift! MFT is now selling these awesome, 16 oz jars that are perfect for thrifty gifting! There are 2 companion stamp sets that contain labels sized PERFECTLY for the jars! It doesn't get much easier than that! The jars are sold in sets of 4 for $12 and the 2 stamp sets Time for the Bubbly Label and Teacher, Teacher Label sell for only $9 each! To check out the new products, click HERE and get ready to change the way you gift! :)

If you are just happening along this blog hop, please start at the beginning (Kim's blog) HERE and hop all the way to the end. You'll want to see how ALL the designers filled their jars. There are LOTS of creative ideas to inspire you!

You should have just hopped from Paula's blog. Please wipe the drool from your chin after viewing her colored pencil MASTERPIECE. That chick can color like I have NEVER seen before! Wowzers! Color me green! LOL

Your next stop on the hop is my friend Michele. Be prepared to ooooh and aaaah! :)

But wait! Before you hop on over, I hope you'll check out my project. :)

Here is my blog hop creation. I used Time for the Bubbly Label and the signature MFT stamp set, Time for the Bubbly.

I filled my jar with some hand made bath salts. It is both fun and economical! :) For my label, I paper pieced and colored with Copic markers. I used the different words in the label stamp set to create the label. I coated the bubbles in the corners of the label with Liquid Pearls.

I made a shaker box for the lid of my bath salts jar using the label stamp. I simply colored it and then punched out just the tub area. I added a tiny bit of beads in the shaker box to replicate the look of the bath salts.

I HAD to make a matching card! The main image is both colored and paper pieced. There are lots of layers on that little panel.

The wood floor was hand-drawn and colored with Copic markers. I used copic markers and colorless blender to make the tub look like it was made of marble. The blue rim of the rug is paper pieced on. The bubbles are shiny ala Liquid Pearls.

I used silver metallic card stock for the mirror.

This is the inside of the card. I used the Time for the Bubbly label stamp to frame the sentiment I used from the original Time for the Bubbly stamp set! I love matching sets! They are SO fun!

Ready to make your own bath salts? Here are the ingredients I used:

Here is a super simple recipe for you: (from the tub of sea salt)
1 cup Epsom Salt
1 cup Dead Sea Salt
1 cup Sea Salt
20 drops Essential Oil
That is IT! It is so easy and SO affordable!
Here is the breakdown of the cost of INGREDIENTS:
Sea Salt (7 POUNDS) $9
Dead Sea Salt $5
Epsom Salt $4
Essential Oil $4.50
total cost of ingredients $22.50
Those ingredients can easily make a triple batch of Bath Salts and you'd have plenty of everything, *except* dead sea salt, leftover for more spa gifts! I am not sure WHY you need the "dead" sea salt in addition to the regular sea salt, but I can assure you that regular sea salt is NOT alive. LMBO!
The price breakdown of the finished jar of Bath Salts is:
Sea Salt: $.50
Dead Sea Salt $1.25
Epsom Salt: $.50
Essential Oil: $.25
Jar: $3.00
Gift Cost: $5.50
That is some thrifty gifting!
Want another fun recipe? My kids LOVE this one because it fizzes when you pour it in the water.
Effervesce Fizzing Bath (from the sea salt tub)
2 cups sea salt
1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup citric acid
20 drops essential oil
Have a wonderful day!
If you've read to the end and missed the link to the next blog on the hop, click HERE to hop on over to Michele's blog. :)
Don't forget... if you want to check out all the new products released by MFT tonight (NOW) click HERE.
Happy hopping!


  1. Jody! This is gorgeous! I love the color combination and now, I need perfect pearls. Thanks my friend! LOL!

    Love this paper!!!!! Gorgeous. And a shaker on the lid, you're too much. Brilliant!

  2. Jody, this is fabulous! I love the bubbles and that shaker in the jar lid is FABULOUS!!!

  3. This is so elegant, Jody, and now that I've seen so much of your stuff IRL, I'm certain there are a million subtleties I'm missing. I think for me to get a proper idea of its beauty, you're just going to have to send it to me... LOL! LOVE this!

  4. Awesome job, Jody! Love the shaker top (too creative!) and the liquid pearls!

  5. This is to die for cute! I love the shaker lid!

  6. Awesome project! I love the bubbles in the corners, they look so real.

  7. TWO things I am LOVING the shaker lid, and the other, I am having flashbacks to MY Tub Card...I TOTALLY GET IT!!!!! :)

  8. Darlin' card & jar Jody...what a fab set!

  9. Awesome!! Thanks for the bath salt recipie too.

  10. Love the soothing colors and the overall combo. A gift anyone would love to receive.

  11. jody this is fantabulous!! you know i don't think i've ever used bath salts? does it dissolve in the water, or do you feel like you're sitting on rocks? guess i'll just have to make some! i love the genius idea of the shaker top, too!!!

  12. Love your project and so admire your sewing! Thanks for the recipes!

  13. What a beautiful gift set Jody!

  14. GORGEOUS set Jody...this is going to be a must have for me!!!

  15. what a work of art....the card...would be over the top...not to mention the beauiful bath salts....wowsa
    caseytoney at yahoo

  16. Incredible! Love the colours you used!

  17. How relaxing!! Such a great gift.

  18. Wow! I am truly stunned. I can't believe all the amazing detail in this card/jar. I love the metallic mirror, the liquid pearls for the bubble, the colors, the beads, the stitching, the coloring...everything is just absolute perfection. Simply amazing work!

  19. This is adoreable. This is a great gift. Thanks so much for sharing!

  20. I knew I needed to get Liquid Pearls. Thanks for including the recipes. I will definitly be putting this one to use.

  21. Great color combination. Soft colors.... I like that.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Carol F

  22. Angie Carter5/20/2009 11:18 AM

    Where did you get the citric acid from? I tried to find some locally to make my own bath fizzies but I could not find it. Thanks in advance.

  23. Oh how awesome!! I love it all!!

  24. This is just stunning, Jody!! The little shaker on the lid is just over top - wow - beautifully done!!

  25. Jody - this is awesome. I love the color choices - the bath salts. I just love it all as well as the rest of your blog. tfs.

  26. I think I'm ready for a bath! :) Thanks for sharing the recipes and I love that little shaker on top of the jar. So many GREAT details in all of your work.

  27. Beautiful gift Idea! just thought I would share with you the Dead Sea salt is from.....the Dead Sea! lol

  28. absolutely stunning, the card is so beautiful. xoxox BA

  29. This is a completely adorable gift! Great job!!!

  30. great idea for bath projects.

  31. Jody, I love the colors of this set. It's a departure from all the pink I've been seeing and is very calming. Beautiful work! :)

  32. What a beautiful gift!

    As for the Dead Sea Salts - the Dead Sea has a higher concentration and different type of salt, so that must be the reason for both kinds of salt to be used. It isn't that it's "dead" sea salt, but salt from the Dead Sea.


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